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Can I send a Cease and Desist to ISP?

Can I send a Cease and Desist to ISP?

I recently made a solar energy documentary, and presented it at Hot Springs documentary. Not long after that I started selling dvd’s. I worked very hard on it, and was very disheartened to see it on the pirate bay. I’ve sent the pirate bay a DMCA take down notice, but from my friends in the industry, I’ve heard these are very ineffective. I’ve collected the ips of people on different isps downloading this, and I am wondering if I can collect these ip’s and send a cease and desist to their isps. Will this have any effect?

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer

You can send a cease and desist but it is generally not effective in stopping piracy. There are a few firms out there that specialize in this and can collect money for you.

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