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What do I do if my driver’s license was used by someone else when he got a speeding ticket?

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I just found out that 6 months ago my driver’s license was used by someone in Massachusetts who got a speeding ticket. I live in California and now CA DMV is about to cancel my driver’s license. The address used on the traffic ticket is an old address of mine. My old driver’s license with that address on it was stolen (along with my wallet, but since no charges were made, I did not file a police report) 2 years ago and I had it replaced at the DMV with an updated address then. So my driver’s license at the time of the speeding ticket has a different address than what was recorded on the ticket. In addition, I have credit card activity proving that I was in CA when the MA ticket occurred. I have talked with multiple people at the DMV in CA and MA, but I just get forwarded on to people who don’t return my calls. I don’t want to have to pay the speeding ticket that wasn’t mine, but more so, I don’t want the points on my record. What can I do?





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