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  • Focus on Speeding Tickets and Other Minor Traffic Violations.
    • We not only handle speeding tickets but handle several other traffic violations and tickets. Examples: No Insurance, No Left Turn, Failure to Yield, Failure to Stop, Etc.  Contact us and find out about your ticket!
  • Point Removal
    • If you have paid a ticket in the past and want it removed, contact us today about having those points removed.
  • Knowledge of Current Law
    • We are at the forefront of ever-changing laws and work closely with our clients in dedicated teams that are fully committed to exceeding client expectations.
  • Knowledge of the Kansas City, Missouri Metro Region and Other Missouri Counties
    • We work in several jurisdictions in outside and inside the Kansas City, Missouri Metro Region. Our knowledge of the courts process helps to expedite your legal matter. If we have not worked in a region before, we are always willing to learn the process in that city or county.
  • Referral Network
    • We work with several attorneys, so if your case is not in our area, we can refer you to the best attorney to help you.

The Process for Amending Your Traffic Ticket

  1.  Click “Amend Your Ticket Today” at the top of the screen and fill out the form or call 816-398-8772
  2.  Tell me your ticket number and any other information relating to your ticket. If you are under 21, tell me your age.
  3.  I will send you an email containing an electronic contract(you can sign it online) and listing any other information I need, and what the estimated amdendmendment fine and court costs are, including if you have to pay the amendment fee up front.
  4.  A link for LawPay(accepts all major credit cards) will be included in the email or you may mail a check, money order, or come by to pay in cash.
  5.  I will contact you as to the prosecutors amendment.
  6.  If the prosecutor accepts my offer you pay your fine online or the firm pays it with a check. Receipt from jurisdiction is sent and your ticket is amended. No Points and No Insurance increase.


R. Christopher Simons, JD Attorney-at-Law

Richard Christopher Simons, Traffic Law Attorney

  • Born in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Raised in Richmond and Kearney, Missouri
  • Graduated Suma Cum Laude from  William Jewel College in Liberty Missouri
  • Graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City-School of law
  • Numerous Dean’s List and Honors in Academic Career
  • Practicing law for over 8 years
  • Licensed in Missouri and Oklahoma.
  • Regional Kansas City, Missouri attorney; situated in historic “Rockhill Ridge” Brookside community specialized in amending traffic tickets in the Kansas City, Missouri Metropolitan area
  • Customer service is the main priority of with a guaranteed response with-in 72 hours of legitimate inquiry.

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Quick and Painless!!

Found him Avvo and his rates seemed too good to be true. I emailed him and he responded very quickly. Once I gave him the information, he quoted me a price and sent me an easy way to make payment. He even notified me after my ticket was amended that it was done. I will surely use again!- Posted by Shane at Avvo

April 22, 2016        5.0 stars 

Prompt and Professional

Chris was able to turn my moving-violation case around in an amazingly short amount of time. He went above and beyond to take care of me as a customer. You don’t see this level of customer service very often these days. If you receive a violation, Chris should be your first call.-Posted by Quinten at  Avvo

April 15, 2016 5.0 stars

Ticket reduction

Mr. Simons was very helpful in getting a speeding ticket reduction taken care of seamlessly. Very quick responses and answered all of my questions. -Posted by a client at Avvo

April 15, 2016             5.0 stars

So smooth

Made the process easy as pie and was very quick within a week.- Posted by a client at Avvo

April 14, 2016           5.0 stars

Job well done!!

Chris helped me with my two speeding tickets that I got not only was his fee reasonable but he was able to reduce both my speeding tickets so it don’t hit my record but he was also able to extend the court date of one ticket further out. He did all of that without me having to step into his office once. I would definitely recommend Chris to anybody.- Posted by Esteban at Avvo

April 14, 2016            5.0 stars

Speeding ticket

I called in to have a speeding ticket amended. It only took a couple days to accomplish this. He was very nice on the phone. Everything took place online. Super quick and easy!-Posted by a client at Avvo 

April 14, 2016           5.0 stars

Easy to use

He did a great job with my ticket and kept me updated through the whole process. He was easy to use. I didnt have to do anything except mail a check. I will defiantly be using him for all of my future tickets.-Posted by DINA aat Avvo 

March 24, 2016           5.0 stars

Saved my license and my job

I recieved a speeding ticket 18 over the limit. Having a CDL, this would mean I have lost my job. Simons did a wonderful job at not only answering any questions I had but also getting my ticket amended. He made it a very painless process. I Highly recommend his services. Thank you again.-Posted by J at Avvo

   March 24, 2016              5.0 stars

Quick, Easy, Clean

Chris handled my ticket in a timely fashion and made the process very simple. I opted to drop off my ticket and money at his house, but electronic pay is also available and you can scan/email your ticket if necessary. The fine came out to be a little higher than his original quote but he stuck to the original quote and ate the additional fee.
After the ticket was handled he emailed me a copy of the court receipt showing the total fine paid. Hire Chris for no-nonsense handling of your traffic ticket.-Posted by Adam at Avvo

March 24, 2016            5.0 stars

Mr. Simons as a Traffic Lawyer

I had received a Speeding Ticket and inadvertently waited to the last minute, to decide, that I did not want to have any points against my license, and my insurance to go up.
I googled Traffic Lawyers, and found an advertisement, for Mr. Simons’ Law firm, of $75 Lawyer’s Fee, for most Speeding Tickets, plus the cost of the Ticket Fine.
I submitted my contact information. He contacted me, within an hour. He asked me a few questions, and was able to tell me, what the fine would be. I asked him a few questions, and hired him, on the spot.
I scanned a copy of the ticket, along with my driver’s license. Sent him his $75 Fee,l.
He sent me a contract and within two days of my initial contact, he sent me the link to Court System to pay the Fine, on line!-Posted by Joseph at Avvo

 February 25, 2016    4.0 stars    

5.0 star rating 3/15/2016

Chris helped me with my two speeding tickets that I got not only was his fee reasonable but he was able to reduce both my speeding tickets so it don’t hit my record but he was also able to extend the court date of one ticket further out. He did all of that without me having to step into his office once. I would definitely recommend Chris to anybody.- Posted by Esteban at Avvo

April 14, 2016            5.0 stars


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