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I sold my company for cash and a promissory note payable over 72 months, after 4 months I was indicted for fraud and immediately fired. now they say they are going to keep my note to off set losses. I did not lose my license and could still work but they chose to terminate me. they said the note was mine and no one could take it now they are. what can I do? is this legal?

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12/21/15, 10:00 am


First, contact an attorney and seek representation. An employment lawyer is best. Missouri is an “at-will” employer so your indictment is a reason they can fire you. The other issue is what is the fraud you are accused of. If it is related to the business then they will try to hold it and you need to sue them for breach of contract. So you need to seek counsel to protect your interests, both monetary and penal.

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