Driving Record Clean Up

Driving Record Clean Up and Point Removal

It is a fact, your Driving Record effects your ability to driving and insurance costs.  It is also a fact that old traffic tickets can be removed from your driving record and old tickets can be purged from your driving record. This after you have already plead guilty or have paid your ticket.

Speedingticketkc.com provides two services to clean up your driving record.  The first is to have the original ticket set aside by the court and amended. The second is to contact the Department of Revenue and have any old tickets that do not have a legal basis to remain on the record removed.

Why get a ticket off your record?

    • Lower insurance costs
    • Remove points from your record preventing a possible suspension
  • Increase the possibilities of getting a career in a field that involves driving.

Driving Record Clean Up

Certain traffic tickets can be removed from your record, even if you have already paid the ticket or have plead guilty. Removing a ticket eliminates points, lowers your insurance rates, and scrubs it from your record.  This is done by filing a motion with the court to get rid of the original conviction and asking the prosecution to amend the ticket.  This process uses the original money you paid for the ticket to help pay for it to be removed from your record!

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Driving Record Purge

Certain traffic tickets and departmental actions are supposed to be automatically removed from a person driving record.  This does not always automatically happen.  Speedingticketkc.com can contact the Department of Revenue on your behalf and have any item on your record that has no legal basis to remain on your record, be removed.

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