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It is a fact, your Driving Record effects your ability to driving and insurance costs. Understanding what is on your driving record and how it is affecting you is the first step.

If you have paid a ticket already, you may have already seen the effects in a letter stating your license will be suspended or a rise in insurance costs. It is also a fact that old traffic tickets can be removed from your driving record and old tickets can be purged from your driving record. This after you have already plead guilty or have paid your ticket.

Speedingticketkc.com provides three services to examine clean up your driving record.

  • Driving Record Analysis-  We analyze your Missouri driving record and provide information on how to get your license back.


  • Ticket Removal- We have the original ticket set aside by the court and amended.


  • Driving Record Purge- contact the Department of Revenue and have any old tickets that do not have a legal basis to remain on the record removed.

Driving Record Analysis

Do you know what is on your driving record and what you need to get your license back? Get a full analysis from one of our Attorneys.  Costs only $50.00

Driving Record Analysis

 1.Fill out the form below or call 816-398-8772

 2. We pull your driving record and review it.

 3.We send you a copy of the record with analysis of what is on it.

 4.If it is suspended we provide information on how to get it back.



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traffic ticket removal

If you have already plead guilty on your ticket we can remove that from your record.  We do it through a process of setting aside a guilty verdict.

The Process Of Removing A Ticket:

 1.Call our firm for a free consultation and have us review your driving record. 

 2. We will review your record and decipher a ticket that is eligible or best to remove from                   your record and give you a cost.

 3. We file a motion to set aside a guilty verdict with the court or fine collection center.

4. We argue the motion and ask the judge to set aside your original guilty plea.

5. If the judge sets aside the verdict this releases your original fines paid and we use it towards an amendment.

6. We meet with the prosecutor to negotiate an amendment.

7. We amend your ticket.

8. The court contacts the Department of Revenue and removes the ticket from your record.

*Not all courts allow this and the process can be different

traffic ticket removal

Some items do not belong on your record after a period of time.  The department of revenue and state law says so.  We can remove these items

The Process of Purging a Driving Record

 1.Call our firm for a free consultation and have us review your driving record. 

 2. We will review your record and decipher items that should not be on your record

 3. We will contact the department of revenue and ask they purged

4. They will purge or inform us why they cannot or will not purge them.

General Eligibility of a ticket to be removed

  • Your conviction is less than 3 years old.
  • You were not convicted at trial
  • Your speed was less than 20 mph if speeding
  • you do not have a commercial drivers license

This is not a comprehensive list

Lower Your Insurance Rates

Insurance companies review your record to see if you have had traffic tickets when you apply for insurance. If you have traffic tickets on your license, they are known to raise your rates as much as 22% for over 3 years. This can cost you over a thousand dollars.
Do not waste your money on high insurance premiums. Let our traffic lawyer look at your record and remove points. 

Remove Points From Your Record

Missouri has a point system that keeps track of traffic tickets in Missouri. Speeding tickets are moving violations in Missouri and add points to your license. If you get too many points you can lose your license. These points last on your record for up to 3 years. Losing your license can be devastating to your personal and professional life. Do not let traffic tickets curtail your life. Let our traffic lawyer contact the prosecutor and negotiate a plea to amend your traffic ticket to a non-moving violation.

The Missouri Point System

The Missouri Department of Revenue uses a traffic ticket point system to determine the driving record of drivers in the State of Missouri. The point system is basically used to evaluate drivers’ record and inform the suspension, revocation, or denial of driving privileges.  The Missouri Department of Revenue assigns penalty points to a driver’s license whenever the holder is cited or convicted of a traffic violation. Different traffic offenses cost different point amounts.  For instance, a traffic conviction for leaving the scene of an accident results in 12 points.  Some of the state law violations that would get you assigned points include:

  •    Speeding
  •    Careless driving
  •    Driving under influence of drugs
  •    Obtaining a driver’s license using false identity
  •    A felony involving a motor vehicle
  •    Allowing an unlicensed driver to drive
  •    No Insurance Ticket

Each Missouri driver’s license has a total of 12 points. The points accumulate with each traffic ticket one gets. The assigned points can accumulate and reach a level where they affect one’s eligibility to drive a legally in the State of Missouri. Actually, accumulating too many points will result in penalties, court-imposed actions, and higher insurance premiums. These point stay on a driver’s license record for at least three years.  So how exactly does the Missouri’s point system work?

While getting points on your driver’s license does not mean automatically receiving a notification from the Missouri Department of Revenue, if you happen to accumulate 4 points in a span of 12 months, you’ll receive a point accumulation advisory letter that serves as a warning that you’re accumulating points too quickly. 

Suspension Of Driver’s License

If a driver’s license holder accumulates 8 points within 18 months, the Missouri Department of Revenue will suspend their driver’s license. A driving license can also be suspended automatically if one skips a court appearance for a traffic ticket. The duration of a suspension depends on the number of prior suspensions, if any.  The first suspension will last for 30 days, and if it is a second suspension the holder loses their license for 60 days. But if it is a third suspension or more, the driver loses their license for 90 days.

Revocation Of Driver’s License

A Missouri driver’s license stands revoked if the holder accumulates points in three ways. First, if they accumulate 12 points or more in a span of 12 months. Secondly, if they accumulate 18 points or more in a span of 24 months, and lastly; if the holder is assigned 24 points or more within 36 months. Usually, a revocation has more serious ramifications as compared to a suspension.

Point Reduction Off Traffic Record

It is possible to have your driver’s license points reduced if you avoid getting additional points by maintaining an acceptable driving record.  If you do not accumulate new points for 12 months, your total record points are reduced by one-third.  A clean driving record for two years without any new points will have your total record points reduced by one half. Your record points can be reduced to zero if you avoid racking up additional points for three years.  However, some traffic ticket convictions will still appear on your driving record even when your points are reduced to zero. An example of such a conviction is failing to maintain motor vehicle insurance.

Can an old traffic ticket conviction be removed from my driving record?

It’s possible to have an old ticket conviction removed from your record after three years and upon meeting specific conditions stipulated in the law. You can then make a formal request to the Missouri Department of Revenue to have the conviction purged.

The Missouri Department of Revenue Point System determines the authenticity of your Missouri driving license. Having a good understanding of the point system will save you unnecessary hassles, save you time and money as well as help you to keep your driving record clean.


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