Can the police contact my employer?

Police Contact My Employer

Can the police contact my employer?

I was caught shoplifting. The police were called. The value of the items was around $30. The store said they would pursue it civilly so I was not arrested. I did not have my ID on me and the cops ran my name but found nothing. They said they would contact my boss.

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer

The general answer is yes. Police enjoy sovereign immunity which means they are immune from prosecution except under certain circumstances. The only action you really can pursue is a civil action if contacting your employer is to harass or punish you and not for investigative purposes. Here it would appear they have an investigative purpose, figuring out who you are. The question you must ask yourself is whether you want to give them the information you need so they will not contact your employer or letting them do their best to contact your employer. Hopefully, they said that to intimidate and scare you.
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