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Speedingticketkc.com’s Traffic Attorney serves clients in the Municipal Court in the City of Smithville in Clay County, providing speeding ticket and traffic related consultation and representation.  If you have any outstanding traffic tickets, warrants, or past traffic tickets you want off your record; use the “get a quote” link on this page to give us some basic information about your situation.

The information you submit is confidential, and we reply to all requests the same business day if submitted before 4pm cst.  Requests received after 4pm are normally followed up on the next business day.  For more immediate assistance, give us a call at 816-398-8772

Our price to handle standard traffic tickets is a flat $75 fee.  Fees for other services may vary, but our rates are among the most competitive in the area.

$75 Flat Fee for a Traffic Ticket?


It is true, $75.00 is our attorney’s fee for basic traffic tickets.  Examples of basic traffic tickets are:

  • Speeding less than under 20 mph over the limit
  • Failure to have or maintain insurance
  • Failure to stop,
  • turning violations,
  • following too closely(non-accident),
  • and several other 2-4 point violations. Click here for a list of 2-4 point violations.

More complex traffic tickets have different rates.  Remember, the attorney’s fee does not cover fines and costs due to the court.

What People Are Saying About Speedingticketkc.com's Traffic Lawyer Chris Simons

Over 100 Reviews Of Our Traffic Lawyer!!

  •  5.0 stars Posted by Joann July 26, 2017

    Fast, efficient and cheap. Just cannot beat his price.

    Review At Google About Our Traffic Lawyer
  •  5.0 stars Posted by John April 17, 2017

    If you find yourself needing a traffic lawyer (which is unfortunate) these people are pretty good at it (which is fortunate). They were able to help me for a low cost and were very quick. I never had to leave the house, since most everything was handled by email.

    Review At Google About Our Traffic Lawyer
  •  5.0 stars Posted by James April 5th, 2017

    Fixed my moving violation to non moving in less than 24 hours. Would use their services again … hope I don’t have too .. lol.

    Review At Google About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Speeding Ticket 5.0 stars Posted by Caroline June 16, 2016

    He was extremely helpful throughout the whole process! I was very pleased with the speed with which he handled my case and he was great at communicating each step of the process. I was able to get my speeding ticket moved to a non-moving violation! I would highly recommend Mr. Simons!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • 6/11/2016

    Put Christopher’s number in your phone. If you end up in a situation where you need a lawyer, make him your first call. If he isn’t able to assist you, trust that he can get you in touch with the best person to handle your situation or even handle it himself for you through other sources. Although he specializes in traffic, he is quite capable of helping with many other issues that may arise.

    Billie H.
    Yelp Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Amazing Job 5.0 stars Posted by ben June 23, 2016

    He took care of my 21mph over speeding ticket and got it reduced for me so that i didn’t get any points on my license my insurance wouldn’t go up. He is a great lawyer and i definitely recommend him. I will definitely use him again if i get anymore traffic tickets.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Best way to take care of a speeding ticket! 🙂  5.0 stars Posted by Mary June 30, 2016

    I was late to work and got a speeding ticket ( worse day ever!) Now i had to worry about being late and havin a speeding ticket to deal with. Attorney Richard “Chris” Simons took care of my speeding ticket fast and painlessly. All correspondence was done via email except his initial call to me after I contacted him online. So, I didn’t even have to take the time to go to his office. He called and explained everything by phone and then the rest was through email which was great. He was very fast to respond to any questions I sent him through email. His fee was $75 as advertised which is super cheap! You still have to pay court fees and fines to the court ( which you would have to pay for with any attorney) but he has a great website that you can pay it all together online. I was a bit skeptical of doing it all online but he is legit. When he notified me that the ticket was reduced to a non moving violation He also sent a copy of a paid receipt via email and I later called the court just to make sure it was indeed all taken care of and it was. I am so glad I chose him to represent me. From first contact to last it took only 2 weeks and now I don’t have to worry about this ticket anymore. Hopefully i dont have another speeding ticket but at least i know who i can trust to handle it for me if I do. Hire Chris to represent you!!! Trust me you will be so glad you did!!!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Traffic ticket  5.0 stars  Posted by Nancy  July 1, 2016

    I recently had the pleasure of consulting with and hiring R. Christopher Simons for a traffic ticket I received recently that I was innocent of one issue of the ticket. He was very kind, understanding, trustworthy, and efficient in resolving this problem for me successfully. He quickly came up with effective and clever resolutions to this problem that I saw as an impossible situation. He also talked with me about other problems I had in my life that I needed guidance with. He took time to check out these other issues for me and found resolutions to these problems and gave me recommendations to them as well that I could pursue on my own. I really appreciate his help that he provided to me. I had no idea a lawyer could be so helpful. I am very glad that I decided to contact this law firm!
    Thank you again R. Christopher Simons for your help with my traffic ticket and for the advice with my other problems! I will recommend you to all my friends and relatives when they need help and I will contact you again when I need help again.
    You’re a gem.
    Very Sincerely,

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Quick and Painless!!  April 22, 2016        5.0 stars 

    Found him Avvo and his rates seemed too good to be true. I emailed him and he responded very quickly. Once I gave him the information, he quoted me a price and sent me an easy way to make payment. He even notified me after my ticket was amended that it was done. I will surely use again!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Prompt and Professional   April 15, 2016              5.0 stars
    Chris was able to turn my moving-violation case around in an amazingly short amount of time. He went above and beyond to take care of me as a customer. You don’t see this level of customer service very often these days. If you receive a violation, Chris should be your first call.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Ticket reduction         April 15, 2016             5.0 stars

    Mr. Simons was very helpful in getting a speeding ticket reduction taken care of seamlessly. Very quick responses and answered all of my questions.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • So smooth      April 14, 2016           5.0 stars
    Made the process easy as pie and was very quick within a week.

    8 of 35

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Job well done!!     April 14, 2016            5.0 stars
    Chris helped me with my two speeding tickets that I got not only was his fee reasonable but he was able to reduce both my speeding tickets so it don’t hit my record but he was also able to extend the court date of one ticket further out. He did all of that without me having to step into his office once. I would definitely recommend Chris to anybody

    9 of 35

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Speeding ticket         April 14, 2016           5.0 stars
    I called in to have a speeding ticket amended. It only took a couple days to accomplish this. He was very nice on the phone. Everything took place online. Super quick and easy!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Easy to use–          March 24, 2016           5.0 stars
    He did a great job with my ticket and kept me updated through the whole process. He was easy to use. I didnt have to do anything except mail a check. I will defiantly be using him for all of my future tickets.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Saved my license and my job        March 24, 2016              5.0 stars
    I recieved a speeding ticket 18 over the limit. Having a CDL, this would mean I have lost my job. Simons did a wonderful job at not only answering any questions I had but also getting my ticket amended. He made it a very painless process. I Highly recommend his services. Thank you again

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Quick, Easy, Clean      March 24, 2016            5.0 stars
    Chris handled my ticket in a timely fashion and made the process very simple. I opted to drop off my ticket and money at his house, but electronic pay is also available and you can scan/email your ticket if necessary. The fine came out to be a little higher than his original quote but he stuck to the original quote and ate the additional fee.
    After the ticket was handled he emailed me a copy of the court receipt showing the total fine paid. Hire Chris for no-nonsense handling of your traffic ticket.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Mr. Simons as a Traffic Lawyer       February 25, 2016    4.0 stars        

    I had received a Speeding Ticket and inadvertently waited to the last minute, to decide, that I did not want to have any points against my license, and my insurance to go up.
    I googled Traffic Lawyers, and found an advertisement, for Mr. Simons’ Law firm, of $75 Lawyer’s Fee, for most Speeding Tickets, plus the cost of the Ticket Fine.
    I submitted my contact information. He contacted me, within an hour. He asked me a few questions, and was able to tell me, what the fine would be. I asked him a few questions, and hired him, on the spot.
    I scanned a copy of the ticket, along with my driver’s license. Sent him his $75 Fee,l.
    He sent me a contract and within two days of my initial contact, he sent me the link to Court System to pay the Fine, on line!-Posted

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • 5.0 star rating 3/15/2016
    On February 2, 2016 I received a speeding ticket in Kansas City, MO. I was go lucky as the first person I contacted was Richard Christopher Simons, Speeding Ticket KC. I completed the form on a Friday night. The very next Sunday night within 48 hour I received a phone call from Chris. He took the time to explain the progress and procedures and we started the process. I could not believe how simple this was. Chris was able to negotiate my speeding ticket down to a non-moving violation and the cost was significantly less then what I had expected. Still, I wish I had paid more attention to my speed, But Chris was able to lower my fine to the almost original fine, and I will have no moving violation on my record. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHRIS TO REPRESENT YOU IN DEALING WITH ANY MOVING VIOLATION TICKETS YOU MAY RECEIVE. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED AND WILL SAVE SOME MONEY

    Review At Facebook About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Quick and easy fix  5.0 stars

    Mr. Simmons did a great job in handling my ticket. He made the process as quick as he could and it was pretty painless. I feel like he did his best to help me and to keep my price down on the ticket. I am also grateful that he charges a reasonable price for his service. Although I hope I never have to, if I ever need another lawyer for a traffic ticket I will definitely use him again. He is highly recommended in my book!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Easy to use great service 5.0 stars

    Thank you for handling this ticket for me it was fast and easy. It was exactly as promised done at the price quoted with no extra or hidden fees. This is a great service and I highly recommend anyone needing help with a ticket to use your office. I have already told my friends and family to call you if they need any legal services.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Khandshy 5.0 stars

    Honest, treats with you with respect. Affordable, Before hiring, I had spoken with 5 other lawyers who had a “happy to take your money” attitude, where as Mr. Simons has a “happy to help” approach. Highly recommend to anyone in need of his services.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Traffic ticket 5.0 stars

    The price was right and no surprises. I couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful person who actually totally had my back and no string attached. All I can say is excellent! I already recommended him to my best friend who also just got a traffic ticket.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Handled my speeding ticket for me without me having to do anything at all & he didn’t charge an outrages fee for it at all. 5.0 stars

    I will defiantly use him again to handle (if I get any more speeding tickets) hopefully I won’t . And he also responded by phone quickly after I sent him an e-mail, which I greatly appreciated.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Protected my CDL without a hitch 5.0 stars

    Mr. Simons did an excellent job. I had no worries and had to do nothing. After hiring him, he did the rest, and even refunded me some of the cost because he was able to get my ticket reduced cheaper than he originally thought. Smooth and well-done experience.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • He’s AWESOME!!!!!!! 5.0 stars

    i was referred to Mr. Simons by a friend regarding a speeding ticket my son had received. He was prompt, courteous, and professional, and had the issue resolved in less than a week!
    Great attorneys are a rare commodity these days, so if you are in need of excellent representation, give Mr. Simons a call!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • excellent 5.0 stars

    did an outstanding job i waited til the last min. 2 days before court date and he took care of the problem quick and dropped to non moving… thanks Christopher Simons …

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Great Service for reasonable fee 5.0 stars

    I had two separate violations and was scared to lose my license. I called around and found Chris Simmons which charges a flat fee for ticket amendment. The process is fairly simple as it is done online. At first, I did have some concerns of his legitimacy due to all business being conducted online or over the phone, but two weeks later, both violations were amended to a non-moving violations.

    If you want fair priced legal representation with good customer service and a simple process, call Mr. Simons. He has exceeded my expectations

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • So convenient! 5.0 stars

    Taking care of a ticket through Mr. Simons was simple, fast, and convenient. I called him the day I received a ticket and the entire thing was taken care of and closed within three days. Highly recommended.fic ticket through Mr. Simo
    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Speeding ticket 5.0 stars

    Took care of my speeding ticket and got it lowered to a lesser charge of a moving violation fast. Made the situation as easy as possible. Would recommend to all my family and friends.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • SPeeding Ticket 5.0 stars

    He got the job done very well! Thank you so much for your hard work!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Great service and very reasonable cost. 5.0 stars

    Mr. Simons quickly responded to my initial contact through his website and answered all my questions. He handled my ticket professionally and inexpensively (he had the lowest fee of any attorney I researched). Use his services with confidence and expect a job well done.

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Attorney
  • Quick and simple speed ticket fix 5.0 stars

    Chris handled my moving-violation case very quickly and made the whole process very easy. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended!

    Review At Avvo About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Extremely Considerate! 5.0 stars

    Called this guy 4-5-6 times over a small issue and I never felt bothersome..Courteous and concerned!..Highly Recommend.

    Avvo Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Wonderful lawyer!!! 5.0 stars

    Mr. Simons does exactly what he says he’s gonna do! He’s super fast & good at what he does. His low rates & great communication skills will keep me coming back time after time (unless I learn how to slow down lol)!

    Avvo Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Easy traffic ticket fix!! 5.0 stars

    I could’ve done without the convenience fee. Otherwise everything was handled electronically via email process took very little time. Mr Simmons was prompt and courteous .

    Avvo Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Not sure what is wanted in this space 5.0 stars

    Mr. Simons was easy to talk to, explained my options, and handled my case very well, and in a timely manner. I would recommend him to all that may need his services.

    Avvo Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Prompt and Professional 5.0 stars

    Chris was able to turn my moving-violation case around in an amazingly short amount of time. He went above and beyond to take care of me as a customer. You don’t see this level of customer service very often these days. If you receive a violation, Chris should be your first call.

    32 of 35

    Avvo Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • So smooth 5.0 stars

    Made the process easy as pie and was very quick within a week.

    Avvo Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • In the beginning I was very very hesitant this almost sounded too good to be true but I must admit that Christopher reassured me and gave me his word that this was on the up-and-up it took a couple of weeks before I finally went ahead and follow through with letting him assist me with my tickets, Being raised on the theory of “a man is as good as his word ‘ it’s questionable these days but let me tell you this man goes Far and Beyond I highly recommend him I was pleased it was not stressful and he took care of every issue for me, Christopher I would just like to say thank you, and your word is good in my book,

    Michelle Bernard
    Facebook Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  •  Speedingticketkc.com5 star

    Did an awesome job with amending my 18 over speeding ticket. Painless and he answered questions i had with no problem. I should add i am a CDL holder so not only did he help me keep this off my driving record he essentially saved my job. Thanks again.

    Joshua Shoemaker
    Facebook Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • What a relief!! Wish I would have known about Chris sooner!! THANK YOU!!!!

    Mario Lucito
    Facebook Review About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Lacey Sue Ramirez
    Facebook Review Of Our Speeding Ticket Attorney
  • Chase Anderson
    Facebook Review Of Our Speeding Ticket Attorney
  • Richard Christopher Simons is the best attorney I’ve ever had. I had quite a predicament with I was about to lose my license for 30 days and Mr. Simons came to my rescue and kept that from happening. He represented me in court and kept the city of Liberty from suspending my license. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to get a speeding ticket or any type of ticket taken care of asap or if they just need to get points off their license he is the attorney for you. I plan on using him as my official attorney for the rest of my life and he is worth giving him a shot because he helped me out in every way and I know he can help you as well with any problem you need taken care of.
    Review At Google About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Great communication and very honest. I would definitely recommend his services. Thanks for the great work!

    Andrew Hay
    Review At Google About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Quick and easy. I was merited informed along the way. I would DEFINITELY use his services again!
    Caren Meyers
    Review At Google About Our Traffic Lawyer
  • Very efficient processing of paperwork, all online
    Prompt communication and resolution
    Excellent service!
    Elizabeth Hollins
    Review At Google About Our Traffic Lawyer

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