Traffic Attorney R. Christopher Simons Added To Missouri Pro Bono Wall of Fame

    We are proud to announce that R. Christopher Simons was named to the 2017 Missouri Bar Pro Bono Wall of Fame “generous commitment of time, professional skill & legal knowledge to provide access to justice for those who cannot afford legal counsel” “ www.speedingticketkc.com Traffic Lawyer R. Christopher Simons Recognized By AVVO For Client Reviews

From our contributions to the attorney review and question site and our great client reviews has earned “Client’s Choice” Badge Award and “Top Contributor” Badge Award from Avvo.  Thank you all who wrote great reviews about our service, we will keep up the good work.  As a reminder of what we do, we  … Read more

Ticket Amendment From Out Of State

Question:Do I need a lawyer for a speeding violation in Lyon County, going 26 MPH over the 70 MPH speed limit? I live in MO. I was told that if I were a Kentucky resident I would lose my drivers license for this offense. Further, since I am a resident of Missouri, the same circumstance  … Read more

Stand Your Ground

Thursday, February 28, 2013 Legal Questions and Answers Legal Questions and Answers By speedingticketkc Question Question about defending yourself with illegal firearm.? Hi, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. If someone attacks me or breaks into my home, and I have an illegal firearm I use to defend my life, will  … Read more

Employment and Contract breach

Question I sold my company for cash and a promissory note payable over 72 months, after 4 months I was indited for fraud and immediately fired. now they say they are going to keep my note to off set losses. I did not loose my liscence and could still work but they chose to terminate  … Read more

Restraining order

[trx_image url=”” shape=”square”] Question This is concerning a long and drawn out family dispute. However, recently things have escalated and I am in a difficult situation. Basically, I’m accused of domestic abuse by my mother and have a restraining order next week. I never laid a hand on the woman. She waited until I walked  … Read more