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How do I respond to this?

How do I respond to this? I was served a summons on 3/25/16 from the State of Maryland for a lease that was broken in April of 2009. At the time, I sent my keys back for the apartment and was told that they would follow up with me about the amount of money I  … Read more

What can I do

What can I do State of Wisconsin mother died two years ago willed the house to me but a mortgage isn’t in my name Ben paying on house for two years I have poor credit property taxes mortgage and insurance I Ben paying bank seems that they won’t let me assume mortgage what can I  … Read more

What now??

What now?? the impound lot sold the car without any notifications and without the proper registered owner information. for 6 months we tried to show them with the registration phone calls from the DMV they denied it all. What way to go? the police back them up with inaccurate information. it was a 30-day hold  … Read more