Never received divorce decree verifying length of spousal support


Never received divorce decree verifying the length of spousal support

I was divorced in 2012, prior to the passage of C.R.S. §14-10-114 (3) (a) (I). At the time of the hearing, the judge reviewed all of our financial information and evidence and determined the length of support to be five years. We never agreed out of court on any kind of support – the judge imposed it. However, the court never verified the length of the support in the divorce decree. Since the support is set to expire in a little over a year, I’d like to get court papers proving that. How do I go about this?

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer

Contact the attorney you had and ask him for the decree. If he does not have it or one was not issued, you may contact the court for records or hire an attorney to get those records.

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