How Traffic Tickets Affect Your Insurance in Missouri?

Traffic Tickets


Traffic tickets—those irritating slips of paper that arrive after a lead foot meets a radar gun—can have lasting consequences beyond the initial sting. In Missouri, where the Show-Me State motto extends to insurance premiums, understanding the relationship between tickets and your coverage is crucial.

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket in Missouri?

The price tag on a speeding ticket isn’t one-size-fits-all—it depends on how fast you were going. Here’s the breakdown:

1 to 5 mph Over the Limit:

  • If you find yourself just a tad over the speed limit (1 to 5 mph), prepare to pay around $45. It’s like a gentle tap on the wrist from the traffic gods.

6 to 10 mph Over:

  • Now we’re getting into the moderate-speeding territory. Going 6 to 10 mph over the limit could cost you approximately $80. Consider it a slightly firmer nudge.

11 to 15 mph Over:

  • Buckle up! When you’re cruising 11 to 15 mph over the limit, the ticket hits harder—around $120. That’s a bit more than pocket change.

Remember, these fines are like road tolls for speedsters. They help keep our highways safe and our wallets a little lighter. So, next time you’re tempted to floor it, think twice—your bank account might thank you!

How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Increase Your Car Insurance in Missouri?

Ah, the million-dollar question (or should we say, the hundred-dollar question?). When you receive a speeding ticket, your insurance provider takes notice. Expect your rates to climb—sometimes significantly. The exact increase depends on factors like your driving history, the severity of the violation, and the insurer’s policies.

Full coverage rate before speeding ticket Full coverage rate after speeding ticket % increase
$3,164          $3,731 18%  

Ah, the age-old dilemma: how does that little slip of paper with a fine amount affect your insurance premiums? Buckle up—we’re about to explore the twists and turns of this financial rollercoaster.

The Ticket’s Arrival:

Note this: You’re cruising down the highway, wind in your hair (or maybe not, because safety first), and suddenly—flash! You’s caught in the act. That speeding ticket lands in your mailbox like an unwelcome guest.

  • Your insurance provider, ever vigilant, takes notice. They’re like the neighborhood watch, but for your driving record.

The Rate Hike:

  • Brace yourself. When that ticket enters the scene, your insurance rates do a little dance. And it’s not the cha-cha—it’s more like a tango with dollar signs.
  • The exact increase varies. It’s not a fixed amount; it’s more like a secret recipe with ingredients you can’t quite decipher. Factors include:
    • Driving History: If you’ve been a model driver, that ticket might sting a bit But if your record already resembles the Greatest Hits of Traffic Violations album, prepare for a crescendo.
    • Severity: Was it a gentle nudge above the speed limit or a full-throttle sprint? The more excessive, the higher the stakes.
    • Insurer’s Policies: Each company has its own rulebook. Some are lenient, others stern. It’s like choosing between a strict librarian and a laid-back beachcomber.

The Hundred-Dollar Question:

So, how much? Well, it’s like predicting the weather—part science, part magic. But ballpark figures:

  • A minor offense (1 to 5 mph over) might nudge your rates up by around $100. Consider it the cost of a fancy dinner.
  • Mid-range speeding (6 to 10 mph over) could add about $150 to your annual bill. That’s a few extra lattes.
  • And if you were channeling your inner race car driver (11 to 15 mph over), be prepared for a hit of approximately $200. Ouch.

The Waiting Game:

  • Time is your ally. As the ticket ages, its impact gradually fades. It’s like a fading tan line—eventually, it blends in.
  • Also, consider defensive driving courses. They’re like vitamins for your driving skills. Some insurers appreciate the effort and might adjust your rates accordingly.

Remember, my friend, life’s a highway, and insurance rates are the toll booths. Drive safe, keep your eyes on the road, and maybe—just maybe—your wallet won’t feel the pinch too hard.

How to Lower Your Car Insurance After a Speeding Ticket in Missouri

Get Quotes from Other Car Insurance Companies

Shop around! Different insurers weigh violations differently. You might find a company that’s more forgiving of your lead-foot tendencies. When it comes to car insurance, loyalty doesn’t always pay off. Different insurers have varying policies regarding violations like speeding tickets. Take advantage of this by shopping around. Request quotes from multiple companies. You might discover an insurer that’s more lenient toward your lead-foot tendencies. Remember, competition benefits the consumer!

Improve Your Credit Score

Surprised? Don’t be. Insurers often consider credit scores when setting rates. A better credit score can act as a shield against the impact of that pesky speeding ticket. How does it work? Well, a good credit score signals financial responsibility, which insurers appreciate. So, while you’re working on obeying speed limits, also keep an eye on your credit health.

Bundle Your Policies

Why not bundle up? Combine your auto insurance with other policies—like home or renters insurance—under the same insurer. Bundling isn’t just cozy; it can lead to discounts. Those discounts might just soften the financial blow of that speeding ticket. Plus, it simplifies your life—fewer bills to juggle, more peace of mind.

Other Speeding Ticket Considerations

Time is your ally. As the speeding ticket ages, its impact on your insurance rates gradually lessens. So, don’t lose sleep over it forever. Additionally, consider defensive driving courses. Completing one might not only improve your skills behind the wheel but also demonstrate your commitment to safe driving. Some insurers appreciate that effort and may adjust your rates accordingly.

What If It’s My First Speeding Ticket?

First-timer? Take a deep breath. While insurers frown upon any ticket, they might be more lenient with rookies. After all, everyone deserves a chance to learn from their lead-footed ways. But consider this your wake-up call: slow down, my friend. Your car isn’t auditioning for “Fast & Furious.”

Does It Matter How Far Over the Speed Limit I Was Going?

Yes! Note the insurance office as a room full of alarm bells. When you’re just a smidge over the limit, it’s like a polite chime—a gentle reminder. But when you’re pushing 20 mph over? Buckle up, because those bells are ringing like a rock concert. Your rate hike is about to hit the high notes.

Will Red Light Camera Tickets Increase My Insurance Cost?

Ah, red light camera tickets—the paparazzi of the traffic world. They won’t directly impact your insurance rates, but here’s the twist: ignore them, and you might pay the price. Some insurers frown upon red light violations, even if they don’t officially ding your premiums. So, when that camera flashes, channel your inner celebrity and strike a pose—just not behind the wheel.

How Much Will My Insurance Go Up After a Ticket?

Ah, the mystical crystal ball of insurance algorithms. It’s like predicting the weather—part science, part magic. Your overall driving record, the severity of the violation, and your insurer’s secret sauce all play a role. But rest assured, your rates will nudge upward. It’s like your insurance company whispering, “Hey, remember that time you raced a cheetah on the freeway? Yeah, we do too.”

Do All Moving Violations Affect Car Insurance Costs?

Not all, my friend. Some violations are like background extras in the movie of your driving life. Seatbelt violations? They’re the extras sipping coffee in the diner scene—barely noticed. But speeding, reckless driving, and DUIs? Oh, they’re the stars of the show. They waltz in, demand attention, and leave your premiums doing a dramatic exit.

Does a Texting Ticket Increase My Auto Insurance Rate?

Absolutely! Texting while driving is a no-no. It’s like trying to juggle flaming torches while riding a unicycle—it’s impressive, but also dangerous. Your insurance company will wag its finger (and raise your rates). So, next time you’re tempted to LOL while behind the wheel, think twice. Your wallet will thank you.

Will Parking Tickets Raise My Insurance Cost?

Fear not, my parking warrior. Those little slips of paper tucked under your wiper won’t haunt your premiums. They’re like the harmless sidekick in the superhero movie of traffic violations. So parallel park with confidence, my friend. Your insurance rates won’t even flinch.

Remember, each ticket leaves a mark, but with smart choices, you can steer your insurance ship back on course. Safe travels!

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