‘KC Defense Counsel’ and ‘Speeding Ticket KC’ Enter a Strategic Partnership In Merger

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Two Kansas City law firms, a traffic law and criminal defense law firm, have now partnered up to provide more value to their clients.

Kansas City, MO – October 15th, 2018 – Traffic law and criminal defense are two fields of law that often correlate and go hand in hand. Two prominent law firms in Kansas City have now entered a strategic partnership in an endeavor provide a broad spectrum of services to help their clients get justice more efficiently. KC Defense Counsel and Speeding Ticket KC are both premier Kansas City law firms that have been serving clients for many years. Having helped many clients with successful cases, the attorneys at both the law firms are now combining their expertise to take their services one step further. They have merged into one firm maintain both names.

KC Defense Counsel is a renowned law firm that specializes in many practice areas within the criminal defense realm. The company comprises of three highly experienced lawyers with many years of collective experience under their belts. The attorneys work relentlessly and aggressively to bring justice to their clients and have brought in successful results for even the most complicated cases. The firm caters to the entire Missouri and Kansas, dealing with assault crimes, burglary crimes, drug crimes, DUI/DWI crimes, Felony Crimes, Marijuana Possession, Misdemeanor Crimes, probation violations, solicitation crimes, Theft Crimes, Violent Crimes, and much more.

Speeding Ticket KC is another coveted law firm that serves the Kansas City Metro and Missouri State with premium traffic law services. The highly dedicated team of attorneys at the firm always stays up-to-date with traffic laws and takes on any case, ranging from small violations and speeding tickets to majorly complicated cases. With an incredibly diverse portfolio and high success rates, the company is always looking for ways to further improve their services and provide more benefits to the clients. Speeding Ticket KC’s services areas include traffic tickets, driving record cleanup, DUI defense and much more.

A spokesperson for the partnership made an official press statement to discuss the idea behind the collaboration “Speeding Ticket KC and KC Defense Counsel are now proud to announce their latest business endeavor: a strategic business partnership where both companies will be lending their unique capabilities to each other. This partnership
happened because both the law firms are highly customer oriented and continuously strive to improve the quality of their services. Both the companies have made a name for themselves in the Kansas and Missouri due their work ethic, their aptitude and their resilience in court. This partnership is bound to generate great results.”

The spokesperson further added “This partnership provides more options for clients from both firms in dealing with traffic law and criminal defense. Traffic law firms often need criminal defense attorneys and criminal defense companies also need traffic law attorneys, depending on the case at hand. This partnership will allow both companies to further boost their success rate and handle even the most complex cases with utmost ease by utilizing a collaborative approach.”

Highly dedicated to create a smooth experience for their customers, both the companies are offering free consultations through their websites. Interested clients can fill in a simple form with their case details and get a quick response. KC Defense Counsel and Speeding Ticket KC are mutually geared towards creating a more interactive experience with their clients and aim to educate their clients while working on their cases; this is a testament to their customer support standards.

More details about both the law firms can be seen on their official business websites at https://speedingticketkc.com/ and https://kcdefensecounsel.com/.

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