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Attorney Chris Simons

Traffic Law Attorney Chris Simons answering questions about a Traffic Ticket Written in Kansas City where the officer mails the ticket in.Traffic Lawyers In Kansas City



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Traffic Lawyers In Kansas City


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  1. Christopher Simons, was the best lawyer and very easy to deal with I was very pleased with his service. I would recommend him to anyone. He stayed in contact and took care of two tickets for me.

  2. After I got the speeding ticket, I was inundated with mailings from many other attorneys wanting to represent me. I started my research and found Mr. Chris Simons’ website and called him. He was very personable and said he can get this all handled for me… AND he most certainly did! Mr. Simons took care of everything! I live in Des Moines, Iowa . He went to court for me; I didn’t have to take work off as a teacher and drive the 6 hour round trip. He fought to get my speeding ticket amended to a non-moving violation! He is a genius!
    If you want results at an affordable price, make sure you contact Chris Simons!
    Thank you Mr. Simons!

  3. Mr. Christopher Simon was quick to respond to my questions and concerns. He and his staff are very professional and pleasant. The firm rates are very reasonable and attention to detail is excellent. Mr. Simon has remained reachable by all methods of communication. He will commit to your case and will work effectively to resolve your case with the best possible resolution. I highly recommend this firm without reservation.

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