Do Traffic Tickets Increase Insurance Rates? – Guest Post

Traffic Ticket

Speeding is a costly habit that attracts fines. But are you sure the traffic ticket is your only price in that instance? I bet not.

Drivers who constantly attract traffic penalties are considered reckless and more likely to experience the risks covered by the insurance company. Since such firms charge higher premiums for high-risk policies, drivers caught speeding pay considerably inflated costs—the guilty pay premium rates average 24% higher than the market rate in the United States.

Nonetheless, traffic ticket lawyers at Cohen & Bernstein, LLC and other experienced firms offer essential services to shield customers from paying inflated insurance rates. If you are paying elevated premium costs due to speeding tickets, here is an explanation of your situation and the things you must know to address it.

Reasons Why a Speeding Ticket Will Mean Higher Insurance Costs for You

Suppose you have been charged with a variety of traffic offenses before. Insurance firms relate traffic offenses to recklessness and view the insured as a party likely to be at fault in a car accident. The elevated likelihood of causing a risk will result in higher insurance costs.

Exceeding the driving limits by a large margin elevates your insurance costs. Ticket fines for driving beyond speed limits by 35-39 miles per hour will increase your insurance costs by $260.

Possibility of Avoiding Increased Insurance Rates Despite Traffic Tickets

First-time traffic ticket offenders may avoid paying increased insurance rates even without the guidance of a speeding ticket attorney. Exceeding the limit by a lower-tier margin could mean that you get a speeding ticket but avoid paying inflated insurance rates. The insurance firm could find your citation negligible and the crimes unworthy of increasing the likelihood of risk occurrence, hence charging you at the normal market rate.

The Intervention of a Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A traffic ticket attorney’s involvement is significant in helping you avoid incurring increased car insurance rates. Experienced traffic ticket lawyers assess areas of the prosecution that could be exploited to exclude the ticket citation from the record. Expert consultation and partnership with a speeding ticket lawyer and automobile assessors could introduce new evidence connecting your earlier charges with mechanical failures. 

Traffic Tickets

Beating the “Guilty” Sentence

A traffic ticket attorney will file a motion to help you vacate the guilty plea through the Coram Nobis argument. Coram Nobis is a formal request wishing the court to review and correct its verdict in cases where errors were made when passing judgment or in the event of the emergence of new evidence.

Experienced traffic ticket lawyers use the new terms to review your earlier offenses, expelling such charges from your driving record.

Restoring Your Normal Insurance Rates

Successful efforts by a speeding ticket attorney to remove your negative driving records would help eradicate the extra insurance costs. You should seek out expert service from a traffic ticket lawyer to support and guide you through the lengthy Coram Nobis stages, like filing, entering the details, and presenting court arguments. Such an intervention would significantly improve your chances of reducing the extra insurance costs after a speeding ticket.


Reckless driving costs you traffic ticket fines and extra charges in insurance premiums. First-time offenders could avoid such traffic tickets and the subsequent insurance costs. However, habitual offenders are charged significantly higher premiums than the average insurance plan.

The dedication and experience of traffic ticket lawyers can help you avoid such extra costs. These legal professionals employ various strategies to dismiss your driving violations from the record and restore your insurance rates to normal. They will be by your side, providing all the assistance you need to get through this.

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