What can I do

What can I do State of Wisconsin mother died two years ago willed house to me but mortgage isn’t in my name Ben paying on house for two years I have poor credit property taxes mortgage and insurance i Ben paying bank seems that they won’t let me assume mortgage what can I do Richard’s  … Read more

Big gap between divorce trial

Big gap between divorce trial We just had a 4-day custody trial and the additional 3-day trial will be in 6 months away. Now my boys have been completely alienated from me for more than two years, with this 6-month gap, it will certainly exacerbate the alienation. Does this type of long gap happen very  … Read more

Can I sue Target?

Can I sue Target? My pay card number was stolen at Target, ant the thief drained my account of $3334.00. Richard’s Answer I highly doubt you can sue target. You would need to show that they made it easy for someone to steal your pen number and how much of it was not your own  … Read more

How can I have the ring returned to me?

How can I have the ring returned to me? I purchased a ring for a possible marriage. I entered into a contract for 2 years of payments for the ring. In January, the relationship ended. I would like to have the ring returned as I am responsible for the payments. Richard’s Answer The above attorney  … Read more

If mall security was to

If mall security was to IF Mall security was to detain me till the police came they wouldnt , as I Would jsut go to my car and drive off. Richard’s Answer Can you repost what exactly your question is.