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What is needed to file a petition for judicial review?

petition for judicial review

What is needed to file a petition for judicial review?

I am drafting up a petition for judicial review for an administrative decision the child support agency made. On the petition should I go into detail about why I am requesting a judicial review or should I keep it brief? Will I need to have a memorandum or briefing giving further detail filed at the time I file my petition with the courts

Traffic Richard Simon’s Answer

This is similar to asking which way you should enter your body to perform an appendectomy. You need a competent attorney to perform this, if you cannot afford one go to legal aid, if that does not help you and you still want to proceed, go to a law library near you and do some research and take it back to legal aid or contact an attorney to see if they will look it over. I HIGHLY recommend against you doing this yourself and pay someone to do it. You lost the first time, don’t lose the second time and lose your bite at the apple.

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