6 Causes of Most Commercial Truck Accident Cases in Miami – Guest Post

Commercial Truck Accident

Working with a commercial truck has its own perks and accidents. Accidents are bound to happen if you don’t get a trained driver behind the wheel. Any kind of accident involving a truck is 10 times worse than a small vehicle like a car or bike. So, if you ever get into one such disastrous result, you need someone who can hold your hands and guide you through the right tracks diligently. That’s when you need help from a commercial truck accident attorney.

The main goal of the Miami trucking accident lawyer is to help you through some of the legal challenges coming your way, to improve the case, and make it work in your favor. But before you get involved with such an incident, it is important to know the most common causes behind commercial truck accidents.

A Reputed Miami trucking accident attorney is here to share 6 of those reasons with you so that you can stay clear of any problems while driving a commercial truck on the road. Let’s get started!

Exceeding The Speed Limit 

If you ever notice any truck speeding on the freeway, it is always important to avoid driving next to it. Maintaining distance is a clever thing, especially if you own a small car. Speeding is way dangerous and a true offense for truck drivers. At higher speeds, the reaction time of steering means that the commercial truck needs more than 50% distance and time to stop. Such high-speed blowouts can force the driver to lose control and get into an accident. Such accidents will result in fatal cases.

Inexperienced & Unqualified Drivers

You can’t let anyone drive a commercial truck. According to commercial trucking attorneys near me, it is important to get a special driver’s license from DMV to qualify to drive such a big vehicle.

Here, the driver’s test will include pre-ride checks of the tires, gauge, and motor fluids and also cover the undercarriage clearance. But, most drivers fail to complete such tests after getting the license. Most people fail to check the marks before driving a commercial truck.

A lack in the pre-drive checks will prove to be a disastrous result for commercial trucks. These drivers need to go through specialized license tests, and the pre-drive checks are a lot more intense than usual in such instances. It helps to keep the mechanical default at bay. Inexperienced drivers can cause hefty accidents on the road, and avoiding them is a smart move.

Disobeying The Rules of the Road

Another major reason behind truck accidents is disobeying the rules of the road. Trucks are noted to have enough inertia. The weight means they might run traffic lights late or can complete late turns as they fail to stop in time. As a truck driver, you must be very careful at intersections. You have to look around for oncoming trucks and other vehicles as well.

If you ever get hit at crossroads, it is mandatory to get medical attention immediately, as stated by the top-most truck accident attorney Miami.

Inadequate Vehicle Maintenance

Trucks are in desperate need of regular maintenance, and some companies fail to follow this simple step. You don’t have to take the truck to the nearby workshop on a daily bais. But, going for the service interval from time to time is mandatory, and you can’t miss out on that! With the rising cost of gas and automobile parts, some companies try to cut costs by avoiding these maintenance routines. It might lead to major accidents later in life.

Reckless Driving & Passing of other Vehicle

It is true that truck drivers have tight driving schedules. So, they would love to reach their destination on time by driving the heavy vehicle recklessly. Well, it is one way to cause an accident and cause fatal results.

Sufficient Sleep-Deprived Drivers & Substance Abuse

Drivers need proper time to sleep before sitting behind a truck’s steering. Some drivers try to take extra shifts just to earn some bucks more. Such a sleep-deprived state of mind is another reason behind road accidents.

Calling a commercial truck accident lawyer for help is the smart move from your side if you have been involved in any such truck-related accidents.

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