Can I fight a tint ticket when he didn’t test my windows and it isn’t even my car?

Can I fight a tint ticket

So I was sitting at a stoplight with friends and a state trooper came the opposite way and decided to pull me over. Basically, he said my windows were illegally tinted and he never tested them. He only said, “he could tell they were illegal”. I also told him this was not my car, it was my dads and that I would have to drive 4.5 hours back to myrtle beach in a month and remove my tint to get this ticket dismissed. My parents are for sure that I can fight this ticket but I’d rather not. They said since he didn’t check my tint that he doesn’t have proof. Also since I was the violator, not the owner do I have to appear in court or does the owner?

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer:
The fact that it is not your car does not matter, Tickets are given to people, not cars. You are the violator because it involves the operation of the vehicle. Now the fact that he did not test it provides you with the opportunity to have it measured and find out whether it is legal or not.

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