Common Mistakes to Avoid in Estate Planning – Guest Post

Estate Planning

No one wants to think about his/her death; the process of planning for this eventuality is not exactly glitzy, but it is a must-do. It is always important to be aware of specific aspects when making decisions to avoid negative effects on the people that you care about. If you are in contact with a law firm, the law firm can assist you to avoid these pitfalls and develop strategies which are suitable for your situation.

1. Putting It Off: Procrastination and You: Is Procrastination Your Worst Enemy?

Life is full of surprises, but estate planning should not be taking a back seat. Sadly, without any planning, the laws of your state know how your properties are to be divided, and it may not necessarily be what you would have wished. Do not wait for an opportunity to knock, so you can just let it in and take control of the future now!

2. Going Solo:

Even though there are many free online templates available that provide the reader with easy solutions, hiring an attorney to design a legal Estate plan is essential. True and licensed attorneys can always explain matters of law that may be beyond your understanding, can always double check for the veracity of your documents as well as being in a position to understand your needs fully.

3. Keeping Loved Ones in the Dark: Your Family is Confused

Communication is key. Share your idea about what you want to do with your assets with your family in case you have beneficiaries of your assets, the executors of your assets, and the guardians of your children in case they are below 18 years. State your preferences to ensure they listen and are aware of their responsibilities. This can prevent misunderstanding and rivalry in the future, as different parts of an organisation must communicate within themselves.

4. Location, Location, Location: Are the documents that you are searching for easy to locate?

Well-mastered and even well-humoured as it may be, do not store your estate plan in a modern relic, such as a locked safe deposit box. If you cannot find the documents, you should inform the person who you appointed as your executor or any other close family member about the location of the documents. Digitization should be done, whereby the physical copies are stored electronically and easily retrievable.

5. Customized Solution:

This is the unexplained miracle of life, and everyone in our world knows that life is unpredictable. Family changes such as marriage, divorce, birth and inevitable deaths can alter the administration of your estates. Consult your attorney periodically and review the plan as it needs to be updated to meet modern needs and adapted to family status changes.


Living in contemporary society, we cannot deny the fact that it operates in a digital environment. Contemplate the process through which your online accounts or digital property will be dealt with. The above-mentioned are some tips regarding assets and liabilities that should be incorporated in your estate plan. Thus, it is crucial not to make these common mistakes, which can make your estate plan complete and protect the values that you would like to leave on behalf of owners and heirs.

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