Construction Accident Lawyers 101- A Basic Guide – Guest Post

Construction Accident Lawyers

In Boston, huge numbers of workers are injured each year in construction accidents. But unfortunately, not everyone receives compensation in accordance with the law.

Many injury victims wind up consulting whichever personal injury lawyer they find  first or who is  most available, and hire them without regard to character or competence.

Before you hire a construction accident lawyer, here are some of the things you need to know about construction site accidents.

Common Types Of Accidents at Construction Sites

  • Objects Falling From Overhead

The scaffold law, which is part of the labor code, is designed to protect workers from being hit by falling objects.

It suggests special precautions must be taken against the movement of equipment, materials, and tools at high altitudes on construction sites.

Dropping items on workers can result in serious and permanent injuries, which is a good reason for extreme care to be taken.

  • Fall From Heights

Accidents at heights were a very common occurrence and resulted in laws such as New York’s scaffold law of 1855.

The risks involved in construction work, particularly at high altitudes, require special measures and apparatus. Appropriate equipment such as steel scaffolds, safety nets, and harnesses are required by law.

In fact, falls can occur due to various problems– unfastened construction scaffolding, faulty ladders, or inadequate safety precautions.

Injuries, fractures, or even death may result from falls off ladders or scafolding. Of these common accidents, falls from  ladders are the most frequent problem.
In order to prevent such accidents, courts impose strict requirements on owners and contractors to ensure worker safety.

  • Defective Equipment

Defective Equipment  is one of the key reasons for accidents at construction sites.

All tools must be checked and maintained regularly to ensure they work properly and are safe for all workers.

In case of a defective tool, the owner or the contractor is completely responsible for any accidents which occur because of it .

  • Tripping Or Slipping Hazards

Open spaces and open ladders make for cramped quarters on the construction site, so construction workers often have accidents due to  tripping or slipping.

Workers are also liable to trip and fall due to such hazards as snow, debris, cables, or sharp objects.

These hazards can cause  serious and permanent bodily injuries not only during construction but also in the process of moving about completed structures.

Tips To Choose a Construction Accident Lawyer

Experience With Similar Lawsuits

If you have been in a construction accident, it is essential to choose an experienced attorney familiar with a history of lawsuits of this type.

In addition to filing a construction accident claim, you can also file a personal injury case for negligence or a product liability case for defective products and receive compensation.

Choosing an attorney with considerable experience in this area can help you secure the compensation that you should receive from a  construction site accident.

Extensive Research And Network

Construction accident cases require considerable investment in litigation expenses such as collecting medical records, physician reports, and expert witness testimony.

It is important to choose the lawyer with the most resources and strongest network.

If a lawyer does not have these resources , he may cut corners or accept a small amount to close the case, even if it doesn’t suit your interests. That is why you must ensure that the lawyer you choose has both the resources and the ability to pursue your injury lawsuit.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is an essential psychological skill for a lawyer, especially a trial lawyer. Aside from providing evidence supporting your position, a skilled lawyer must also convince the jury to accept it. Successful negotiation, persuasive presentation, and good communication skills are vital tools for presenting your case.

Has The Ability To Go To Trial

For construction injury lawyers, trial experience is especially important. Any lawyer without it may be forced into accepting a quick settlement without applying any pressure against the party at fault’s insurance company.

Experienced advocates for accident victims, on the other hand, can bargain more forcefully to maximize restitution.

Having the needed experience to go to trial is a powerful point of leverage against the offending party, forcing his insurance company to negotiate more seriously and raising your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Proven Record Of Large Settlements

It is important to retain an experienced construction accident lawyer with a record of getting reasonably high awards for serious injuries, lost income, and loss of life .This shows that they can fight for serious damages in cases where the clients have suffered grave harm.

Key Tips To Avoid Accidents at Construction Sites

Before you leave, why not learn some of the key tips that may help you avoid any more accidents in the future?

  • Providing safety training to all workers when they are hired .
  • Keeping a clean and organized workplace.
  • Recognizing hazards in the workplace and then making formal plans to mitigate the threat accordingly.
  • Ensuring all workers have personal protective equipment, including safety boots, goggles, gloves, ear protection, and safety clothes.
  • Conducting regular meetings with the workers and letting them know about the common hazards at the site.
  • Preventing falls at the construction site by providing the necessary equipment to complete the task at hand carefully and efficiently.
  • Ensuring regular inspections of the job site.
  • Following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines


If you or a loved one has been the victim of a construction site accident or workplace accident, contact a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve .

Choosing the right lawyer is the single biggest factor that can impact the outcome of your construction accident case.

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