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Court Marriage



Are you looking for a complete marriage process in Delhi? Do you want to perform your court marriage in India within 1-2 days?

Lead India Law Associates is the best for your Court Marriage in Delhi. It is the most trusted law firm for your court marriage in Delhi.

Generally, most of the love birds go for court marriage & marriage registration in Delhi. Court marriage is the legal & safe way to perform the marriage process among couples. You can easily register your marriage after your court marriage in India.

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution provides us the right to marry the partner of our choice. This clearly shows us that it is legal to perform your marriage in India.

There are two important laws for the court marriage & marriage registration – The Special Marriage Act & Hindu Marriage Act.


Special Marriage Act, 1954

Any two couple can perform their court marriage or marriage registration irrespective of their religion, faith, or caste.

These laws are also applicable for all Indian Nationals in foreign countries. Anyone can easily perform their Inter-religion marriage under the Special Marriage Act. While All Hindus including Sikhs, Jain & Buddhists can also register their marriages in court under the Hindu Marriage Act.

In this post, you will easily understand the complete court marriage & marriage registration process under the different laws. Court marriage involves a complete marriage process at the marriage registrar’s office. It takes around 30-45 days. It can be done irrespective of religion or faith. But, Marriage registration is performed after the marriage of partners according to the rituals. It takes around 3-4 Hours in court.

Before performing the court marriage, both the partners must be eligible to perform the court marriage. If any of the partners doesn’t fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned in different laws then, the marriage is considered to be void.

Eligibility Criteria For The Marriage Of Partners – 

  1. Child Marriage is not valid in India. The minimum age of both the partners is fixed i.e, 21 years for males & 18 years for females.
  2. Forced marriage is also considered invalid. You can’t pressurize anyone to perform the marriage. Mutual consent is very important for marriage between two partners.
  3. Both the partners must not belong to any closed blood relations. All these kinds of relationships are called forbidden relationships. It does not allow forbidden (prohibited) relationship.
  4. A person cannot marry two partners at the same time. It is not legal for a person to be in an active relationship with two partners.

Documents Required –

  1. ADDRESS PROOF: Both the partners must have to submit the address proof to the marriage registrar.
  2. IDENTITY PROOF: Both the partners must have to submit the identity proof to the marriage office.
  3. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Both the partners need to submit any document that will prove their age.
  4. PHOTOGRAPHS: Both the partners need to submit 6 passport-sized photographs
  5. WITNESS: Two witnesses required with their ID Proof & Address Proof

Documents Required For Foreigners:

  1. No Objection Certificate: The foreigner has to submit the NOC ( No Objection Certificate ) obtained from their Embassy in India.
  2. VISA & Passport

Complete Process For Court Marriage Under Special Marriage Act – 

  1. Notice To The Marriage Registrar: They need to send an application or notify the marriage registrar of the jurisdiction in which one of the partners resided for at least 30 days.
  2. Publication Of Marriage: The marriage registrar publishes the details of marriage in the form of notice.
  3. 30 Days For Objection: Notice allow everyone to accept the marriage. If anyone has an objection to the marriage can directly contact the marriage registrar within 30 days. They will carry out the necessary investigations for marriage.
  4. Marriage At The Registrar’s Office: After the completion of 30 days & proper investigations carried out after objections, a complete marriage process is accomplished in the office.

These are the complete court marriage process under the special marriage act, 1954.

A very interesting case regarding the provision of 30 days in the Special Marriage Act. ” Nida Rehman ” filed a PIL in Delhi High Court to remove the time of 30 days in section 4 as an objection period. The ministry replied that 30 days is important for the proper investigation to be carried out about the partners who want to perform their marriage.

But there are many different laws for the couples who want to perform their marriage according to Hindu Marriage Act & other personal laws. This is applicable only if both the partners belong to the same religion.

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

All the Hindus including Jains, Sikhs & Buddhists can perform their Arya Samaj Marriage or Vedic Ritual Marriage. After their marriage, they can easily register their marriage under Hindu Marriage Act. All Sikhs can perform their marriage registration under the Anand Marriage Act. Marriage registration in court usually takes 3-4 hours only. You will receive a marriage certificate after you accomplish your marriage registration.

Registration Of Muslim Marriages 

All Muslim partners can easily perform their marriage according to their Vedic ritual like Nikah. After their marriage, they can easily register their marriage in court.

Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872

All Christian partners can easily perform their marriage according to their Vedic ritual like Church marriage. After their marriage, they can easily register their marriage in court.

Indian Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act, 1865 

All Christian partners can easily perform their marriage according to their Vedic ritual. After their marriage, they can easily register their marriage in court.

Importance Of Marriage Registration –

  1. You will get a marriage certificate after your marriage registration in court
  2. It will help you to get a passport, work permit & visa easily.
  3. It will help you in availing family pension, insurance benefits, etc.

Protection After Court Marriage 

Sometimes the partners want to perform their court marriage against the parents’ consent. The laws allow the partners to marry the partner of their choice irrespective of the consent of parents or society. They can easily seek protection from their nearest Police Station or High Court.

Why You Should Choose Us?

  1. Privacy & Confidentiality Of Clients: We maintain the privacy of clients. The clients submit their documents for their marriage. We never disclose the private details of the client to anyone.
  2. Publication Facility: We have our newspaper in which you can easily publish your marriage details. You will easily get protection after your marriage.
  3. Transparency: We do not charge any hidden fees from the clients. You can check the status of your payment in the online dashboard.
  4. Supportive Legal Advisors: Our legal advisors are very supportive & help you completely to explain the complete marriage process. They assist you completely until the completion of the marriage.


We are a team of expert professionals to provide you the complete assistance for your court marriage in Ghaziabad. We provide same-day Arya Samaj Marriage & Marriage Registration in Court. We will help you to get a valid marriage certificate.

There are some eligibility criteria that both the partners need to fulfill necessary for court marriage. The age of a boy & girl should not be less than 21 Years & 18 Years respectively.

Both the partners are ready for marriage without any pressure & force. Mutual consent of both the partners is needed for the marriage. They should not be in a prior active relationship. As we already know that bigamy is not allowed in India. You can marry a second partner only if you have got the divorce certificate or your spouse has already died.

Procedure For Same-Day Court Marriage In Ghaziabad : 

If you want to perform your court marriage in one day then, both the partners must belong to the same religion & caste doesn’t matter.

Consent Of Parents:

If you & your partner both belong to the same religion, irrespective of caste & you want to opt for Same-day Marriage in Ghaziabad then, You can easily perform your marriage without your parents’ consent.

Protection After Court Marriage:

You can easily ask for protection in the SP office. Also, you can apply for protection in High Court. THE LILA offers you the publication & intimation facility for protection.

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