Got a Worksite Injury Claim? How to Get to the Bottom of the Situation – Guest Post

Worksite Injury Claim

Worksite Injury can be painful, traumatic and terrifying. What can be even worse is that injury can continue negatively affecting your life for months, years and even decades into the future. If you have been injured while on a job site, you should know what to do to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Receive Emergency Medical Care

Whatever the case, your first most concern after a workplace injury should be your own health. If you don’t act quickly, your long term health could be put at risk. Make sure to receive first aid and request EMTs if necessary. Visit the doctor and obtain copies of relevant medical records proving your injury.

Report Your Injury

Second, you must report your injury to your employer immediately. This should be done both in verbal and written form. Make sure to write out an injury report form and submit it to HR. In fact, obtain copies for yourself to ensure you can prove you did submit the form. If you can, also obtain witness testimony from those that saw what happened to you during the accident.

Hire a Good Lawyer

In certain cases, you may have trouble receiving the compensation you deserve from your employer via their workers’ compensation insurance. If you have any trouble at all, don’t be afraid to seek out and hire work related accident lawyers that can represent you in court. Make sure they have plenty of experience with workplace injuries, workers’ compensation claims and other factors relevant to your case.

Work Through the Workers’ Compensation Process

Unfortunately, obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits you are owed is not always easy. Employers have a strong incentive to deny benefits to employees since doing so could save them from increases in what they pay for their workers’ compensation insurance. Work with your lawyers to work through the process. It is possible your claim may be denied, but multiple appeals are possible. You may also have to do things like attend a workers’ compensation hearing with your attorney to obtain the benefits you are owed. Overall, work with your lawyer to complete this process properly.

If you want to preserve your health and financial livelihood, you need to take the correct steps after a worksite injury. This can include obtaining immediate medical care, reporting the injury to your employer, working with the right attorneys and then moving through the worker’s compensation process. If you perform all these steps correctly, you should be able to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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