How Costly Is Probate? – Guest Post


If you are wondering about how much probate costs, you may have lost someone close to you recently. Filing for probate can be messy and confusing, especially when you have no one to guide you. It is time-consuming and involves a lot of steps, making it incredibly easy to make a mistake. In such a case, getting help from a professional is the best option.

A good lawyer will not just guide you through the process but ensure your best interests, answer your doubts, and help protect your family. They can also prevent and resolve potential family disputes. If you want to hire an attorney, you are probably wondering how much they cost. To learn more about probates, talk to an attorney today.

What are the costs involved in a probate?

The probate process is lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is costly. It involves reporting to the court, listing, valuing, and distributing assets. This has administrative fees and other court-related expenses.

Here are some other costs:

  • Register of Wills’ services: Typically ranges from $500 to $600 for an estate valued at less than $200,000.
  • Newspaper notice fee: The cost of giving notice of the filing of the estate in the newspaper generally ranges between $100 and $150.
  • Appraisal fees: If the deceased person owned real estate, an appraisal may be needed, which can cost approximately $350.

In such situations, having an attorney can help you lower the cost of the appraisal and other procedures.

Apart from the official fees, you have attorney fees as well. In some states, the probate law determines the attorney fee. However, that is not the case in Tennessee. The fees can vary, depending on how experienced the lawyer is and the services you render.

How much does an experienced probate attorney charge in Tennessee?

The hourly rates of a probate attorney in TN can be challenging to calculate as it depends on various factors.

For example, the two most important factors are the lawyer’s experience and how complex your estate is. The more experienced they are, the more valuable their advice will be. Additionally, the more complex your estate is, the more time it will have to invest in your case.

So, if you are looking for a lawyer within a specific budget, it is recommended to speak with a few so you can compare the prices.

If you are facing the complexities of probate, seeking legal guidance can be invaluable. They can advise you on strategies and save you time. Hire an attorney today.

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