How to Get a Divorce if My Spouse Won’t sign the Papers? – Guest Post

How to Get a Divorce

Divorce has been not an easy process, even in legal terms, it not only separates two members apart but sometimes the absence of one partner who is not willing or not interested in divorce can legally cause him or her into trouble due to legal terms in which its all concerned at court.

For more on the subject of absence of a partner, if not possible of locating your other spouse, and how to handle divorce papers and make sure that they are signed due to willingness of divorce from both sides, you can consider it from divorce lawyer Los Angeles that how much it would be effective to go for default papers and whether it would have any other legal complication to come.

If it been a case of family issues, of torture, housebound or spot marks and the default has been misused, then in such matters more legal experts would require and as a spouse who has been put into divorce perspective through such default, you can consider a Family law attorney Los Angeles, discuss your case and fix in all problems.

Before you feel that you can apply certain legal terms in absence of your spouse or not been able to locate him or her, there are few things to consider and they may include:

  • Better try to find a spouse and try to request signatures
  • Default is only permissible in special cases
  • No violation of legal terms of divorce should be acceptable

And these are few basic elements that must be considered in terms before you consider your other spouse is not going to sign your divorce papers and you would have to apply default for divorce as a legal statement.

The court may request for default with the proposed judgment

The first thing that officially matters is that the court may ask to prepare a signatory document called as Default that may be only created after 30 days of notice of documents related to divorce are not answered by the other spouse, It may be asked to also consider a proposed judgment of divorce by the other partner requested to be present, and hence on such basis of not relying upon the response of the second party such default is created and assigned by the legal way in a state or local court.

The default can be applied if the spouse can’t be located

This document of default is also going to be verified if the other spouse is not been located, either he or she has gone out of the country, has lost his or her life, or has been not available in the legal area for such certain reasons after filing of 30 days of divorce documents, then the default would be applied and the proposed judgment of divorce should be effective after decision done in favor of the spouse present at the time.

Misuse of default is strictly not tolerated

Lastly, if legal terms find that default was planned, or the other spouse was hurt or was sent outside, was murdered or severely traumatized, or due to some planning was forced not to sign for such time and default was accepted at court from behalf of missing spouse partner, then legal terms would apply to punish such person and strict measures would be applied for planning such unnecessary move to go for divorce.


For more on the subject of divorce, how default can be applied legally and on what terms it should not be accepted or its misuse can’t be tolerable, and to know more legal terms, it better you come in touch of Divorce lawyer Los Angeles, discuss your case and fix in your problems as a spouse who has been cheated through such legal tools at court.

Besides if it has been a serious matter of house torture, severe injury, or other ways by which you were kept out for more than a month and such time was utilized for making sure of default at court, then better consider a family law attorney Los Angeles, prepare your case and they will help you to fix your home problems out and ensure that such tools must become dismissed for you dismissing the possibilities of divorce through wrongful means too.

Harris Family law group – is an expert in all family law matters including divorce and default in absence of response after 30 days. The family law attorneys know how to deal with effectiveness as well as misuse of default for which you can consider us and settle your problems as a spouse.

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