Know Your Rights With Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Know Your Rights With Legal Translation Services 

The criminal law in the United States functions state-wide and federally. If you’re ever in a bind legally in criminal cases, you should know how legal translation services can work for you.

This article is about how criminal law in the US functions, and how exactly legal translation services can help you through legal court interpreters, legal document translators, and more. We’ll then show the benefits of legal translation services. Are you ready to begin knowing your rights through legal translation services? 

How Criminal Law in the US Functions 

Each state designates what constitutes a crime, which means each state has its own criminal law. Each state, along with the federal government, decided which conduct is criminal. Congress has limited dominance over making criminal laws. But with the common law applicable to all states, there are nine major felonies:

  1. Murder – intentional killing that is committed with malice afterthought.
  2. Robbery – taking the property of another with the intent to deprive the person of that property.
  3. Manslaughter – unlawful killing that doesn’t involve malice afterthought.
  4. Rape – nonconsensual intercourse accomplished by means of duress, violence, threats, or fraud.
  5. Sodomy – sexual acts defined as against the law such as bestiality.
  6. Larceny – the unlawful carrying or taking away the property of another.
  7. Arson – burning or setting fire to the property of another.
  8. Mayhem – maiming another person intentionally.
  9. Burglary – unlawful entry into a property such as a home or business.

However, there are certain acts that are punishable by federal law, in Title 18 of the United States Penal Code. These acts include arson, espionage, use of chemical weapons, genocide, kidnapping, and embezzlement, which gives a maximum sentence to the convicted person. In the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the federal government has outlined the procedures of federal criminal cases. 

In every crime, according to criminal law, there are three elements: 1. The act, 2. The mental state of the person who committed the act and 3. What caused the act and the effect. Any of these can be proven wrong or right due to legal services.

According to New England Law, “Even though a crime may be perpetrated against an individual, it’s considered an offense against the state (aka society) and prosecuted as such. ‘That’s what distinguishes the whole line of criminal law as different from any other kind of law,’ Professor Hansen says.”

A traffic violation is considered a criminal misdemeanor, or in some states, a civil violation. Traffic violations occur when drivers unintentionally violate traffic laws. They’re issued a traffic ticket, and are under strict liability to answer it.

Although traffic violations can be criminal cases, rarely do they cause the same effect as the other criminal offenses listed above. In any criminal case, you should know your rights, and for that, you may need legal translation services. Let’s find out now.

How Legal Translation Services Can Help You Know Your Rights Through the Legal Process 

If you’re in a legal proceeding regarding criminal law, you should know that you can hire a certified legal translator through the legal process, especially if you are of limited English proficiency. 

Legal translation services can help you through the criminal law process by allowing you to be understood through all your documentation. There is a lot of documentation necessary in every criminal law case. Through legal document translation services, you will be able to be understood, no matter what your language is.

When considering this, it is best to keep in mind that legal translation services differ from one another. It is highly recommended to use verified legal translation services for their legal certification of both the translator and the translation. It is important, in weighing your options, that you go with legal translation services that have the client in mind, since they’re the ones who will be undergoing criminal law procedures.

Leveraging legal translation services that are ISO-qualified with translators who have reached a certain level of certification as well, is crucial. Legal court interpreters and legal document translators can be found in legal translation services. They are part of an effective legal counsel.

Most of these legal services are technology-driven, especially top legal translation services. There are different types of translation services that have relied more on automatic translation, but legal translation is making its way to become more technologically advanced without using automatic translation. 

Even if you have a complicated case, your translator will be behind you one-hundred percent and will clarify your position through translated legal documents. You can know your rights with a clear understanding of your case, through legal translation. 


Ofer Tirosh is the CEO of Tomedes, a language service provider specializing in certified and legal translation services in all significant cases, including criminal cases to 75,000+ business clients worldwide, in 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. For more information about Tomedes’ legal translation expertise, click here.

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