The Essential Checklist to Follow After Being Struck by a Vehicle as a Pedestrian – Guest Post

Struck by a Vehicle as a Pedestrian

Being struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian is one of the most devastating accidents anyone can experience. A simple walk to the office, the store, or a leisurely evening stroll can easily turn into an accident scene that can forever alter your life. In such cases, the aftermath is filled with physical and psychological injuries. Unfortunately, the overwhelming shock of the event can make it hard to know what to do next. This post will outline the essential checklist to follow after being struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian.

Seek Medical Attention

The first and most crucial step after any accident is to ensure that you seek medical attention. Even if the injuries sustained are minor, you may still experience pain and discomfort in the days that follow. Therefore, it’s essential to have a medical professional assess your overall physical state to determine if there is any underlying damage.

Gather Information

It’s crucial to gather information soon after the accident, including details about the driver, the car involved, and the accident scene. Be sure to collect the name, address, phone number, and insurance information of the driver. Additionally, take note of the vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number. Finally, take pictures of the accident scene, including the vehicle and the pedestrian involved.

Report the Incident

It’s essential to report the incident to the relevant authorities as soon as possible. Even if the driver agrees to settle matters privately, it’s still prudent to report the incident to the local police department. Not only does this give you a proper legal documentation of the accident, but it also allows you to inform the authorities if you experience any injuries or damage to property.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

After any accident, and particularly for accidents involving crossing pedestrians, it’s vital to consult a qualified auto accident attorney. They can give you a thorough understanding of your legal rights and options and assist you in pursuing compensation for your injuries and damage to property. Additionally, many attorneys offer free consultations to discuss your case and give you an understanding of your legal options.

Follow Up with Your Doctor

After receiving medical care, it’s essential to follow up with your doctor, particularly if you experience any unforeseen symptoms in the days following the accident. The quicker you attend a follow-up appointment, the easier it is for your doctor to identify any changes in your health early on and provide the required medical assistance.

Being struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian is a traumatic experience that can permanently change your life. However, taking the necessary post-accident actions can positively influence the outcome of your recovery. The essential checklist outlined in this article seeks to guide those who have been struck by a vehicle to avoid potentially catastrophic after-effects. Following these five crucial steps can ensure you receive essential medical care, initiate legal proceedings in case of injury and damage to property, and ensure a swift recovery process. Finally, be sure to reach out to a qualified attorney to walk you through the legal process to ensure optimal compensation for your injuries.

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