The Impact of a Speeding Ticket on Your Driving Record, Criminal History, and Insurance Rates – Guest Post

Speeding Ticket

While they may seem like minor violations, speeding tickets can negatively affect your insurance by appearing in motor vehicle reports. Depending on the severity of the ticket, you may also get an entry on your criminal record.

How a Speeding Ticket Affects Your Driving Record

Speed limits are determined by analyzing crash data, the number of vehicles on the road, and the likelihood of pedestrian encounters. Ignoring the speed limit diminishes your driving record and may lead to the suspension of your driver’s license.

Points System and Penalties

Except for nine states, the US uses a point system to track traffic violations, and not all convictions are treated equally.

Missouri point values range from 0 to 12 for a conviction. The values are affected by whether it’s the driver’s first offense, the driver’s state, and whether the driver endangered another party.

Drivers who have eight or more points on their driving record will have their license revoked. The requirements for reinstating your driver’s license for varying charges are are listed on the official website of The Department of Revenue’s Central Office.

Duration of Impact

Missouri suspends licenses for drivers with too many points, but the points persist afterward. Passing a driving test on an approved course is part of the license reinstatement process. Doing so will also remove the points from one traffic violation.

Drivers who do not actively remove points through a driving test must wait three years for the points to “fall off” their record.

Speeding Tickets and Criminal History

Speeding tickets are misdemeanors in Missouri. The ticket’s classification depends on how fast you were going, among other factors.

When Speeding Becomes a Criminal Offense

Missouri separates speeding into two categories based on how far over the speed limit you are traveling.

  • Class C Misdemeanor: 5-20 mph over the speed limit
  • Class B Misdemeanor: 20+ mph over the speed limit

Misdemeanors go on your criminal record. Additionally, certain situations may escalate the criminal offense. Speeding in school zones and construction sites is a more severe offense, incurring greater fines and penalties.

Consequences of a Criminal Record

Your one-off mistake will appear during criminal background checks for jobs, rental interviews, and financial applications. Missouri and most other states are less forgiving of repeat offenders. According to their criminal records, the courts impose harsher penalties for people who’ve committed the same or similar crimes.

Impact of Speeding Tickets on Insurance Rates

A speeding violation can increase your insurance costs and lead to lasting financial strain.

Immediate Effects on Car Insurance Rates

Insurers check people’s driver’s records before renewing or writing a new policy. Seeing a speeding ticket increases your risk to the insurance company and causes them to charge you a higher monthly fee.

Long-Term Insurance Implications

Accumulating multiple speeding tickets can classify you as a high-risk driver. The most well-known providers discriminate against high-risk policies, forcing you to get insurance from shady places or give up driving altogether.


Speeding tickets can have far-reaching implications on your financial state, job prospects, and driving record. Understanding these effects highlights the importance of responsible and safe driving. Missouri drivers can remove points from their records by passing an approved driving test, which will significantly mitigate the adverse effects of a speeding ticket.

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