What Exactly Does Workers’ Compensation in Lake Havasu Cover? Here’s What Lawyers Recommend – Guest Post

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a right that each employee in Havasu City has and can take full advantage of. This is an extremely strong right, one that covers a wide variety of injuries and conditions. After all, the aim is to assist and get one of the strongest economic factors – you – up and active!

Yet, ambiguity regarding workers’ compensation may lead to many injured workers simply not claiming what they rightfully own. Usually, employers and insurance adjusters may avoid educating workers about this in a bid to save money. This is why a skilled workers compensation lawyer in lake Havasu city has assembled this list of the key injuries that this law covers…

Head and Brain Injuries

This covers a wide variety of accidents and hazards. These injuries can range from concussions to traumatic brain injuries, impacting a worker’s cognitive function and quality of life.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, are common among workers in various industries, including manufacturing, assembly, and office work. While these injuries may develop gradually over time, they are still eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Bulging or Herniated Disks

Workers who perform tasks that involve heavy lifting, bending, or twisting are at risk of sustaining bulging or herniated disks in the spine. These injuries can cause severe pain, numbness, and limited mobility, making it difficult for workers to perform their job duties.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries, such as strains, sprains, or rotator cuff tears, can occur in various workplaces, including construction sites, warehouses, and healthcare facilities. Recovery from such injuries requires a longer rehabilitation process – and is thus a recurring cost. Luckily, compensation laws do fully cover this injury too.

Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions

Workers’ compensation also covers the aggravation of pre-existing conditions caused or exacerbated by workplace activities. Whether it’s a previous back injury worsened by lifting heavy objects or a chronic condition exacerbated by repetitive tasks, injured workers have the right to seek compensation for their worsening condition.

Claiming workers’ compensation is now an extremely easy process. What used to be tense negotiations with employers and lowball offers has now been replaced with skilled lawyers representing you. These experts can deeply study a case, collect all the required evidence, and then negotiate on your behalf, guaranteeing a fair, just, and helpful settlement for you.

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