Why Having Legal Representation After a Car Accident Matters – Guest Post

Legal Representation After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a very traumatic thing to live through. However, it’s important that you take steps to protect yourself after the accident; ranging from the immediate, like getting yourself somewhere safe and reporting the accident to the authorities, to the later, such as getting your car repaired and informing your insurance provider so they can begin negotiations with the insurance of the person who hit you. Another step you might want to consider is seeking out the legal representation of someone who’s skilled in car accident cases. Below are three reasons as to why legal representation would be a good idea.

Car Accident Injuries Can Be Long Term

The total extent of the medical fallout from a car accident may not be immediately known, as the injuries could take time to really make themselves known. There’s also the chance that shock or adrenaline can override any pain you might be in during the heat of the moment, and it takes time to calm down enough to even know something’s wrong. Overall, you should never take your chances in this regard. For example, even whiplash from an accident could result in aching health problems that continue to pester you for decades into the future. Simply relying on insurance to make up for such pain and suffering is not going to work. In those cases, it may be best to file a lawsuit with a seasoned attorney.

Your Livelihood Could Be Impacted

The true impact of a car accident on your life may also not be apparent directly after an accident. For example, one of the injuries you sustained in the crash could become a permanent disability. While car insurance may cover some of the medical expenses, there could be even larger impacts down the road. For example, you may not be able to perform your job anymore. Your career may end up destroyed. Along with that, your potential future earning power may be greatly reduced. A lawsuit can rectify that but only if you take action quickly enough.

The Other Driver Could Dispute Your Version of Events

According to Smith Morgan, LLP, one of the best reasons to hire an attorney is to help you deal with an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay your claims. This can sometimes happen if your version of events is disputed by the other driver. In that case, you need a legal advocate that can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf and make sure they actually pay you what is owed. Such an attorney will know the law and be able to collect and present the right evidence to prove your case whether it is inside a courtroom or when dealing with an insurance company.

Overall, there are many things you should do after an accident, all of them important. This includes things like reporting the accident to the police and alerting your insurance company. You should also make sure you have an attorney that can assist you if needed. In many cases, you may need one to help you gain the compensation you deserve after a serious accident.

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