Why is the fine increased on an amended speeding ticket?

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Why is the fine increased on an amended speeding ticket?
I received a speeding ticket for 11-15 MPH over. I emailed the prosecutor and explained my situation (no accidents or tickets in 40 years) and he amended the ticket. The ticket was for $93 and 3 points. It was amended to 1-5 MPH over with NO points, but the fine has increased by $135. Why is the fine more if the offense is less? If I accept this amendment, does that mean I have to plead guilty….or can I plead no contest….or does that even matter? According to DOR, a 1-5 MPH over ticket with no points will not go on my driving record. I do not want to go to court, as it would be almost a 200 mile round trip. I think this is probably the best “deal” I can get. If I hire an attorney it would probably end up costing more than the $135 increase and might not result in a better outcome, right? Thanks!!

Justin’s Answer
It sounds like you were very lucky to have the prosecutor amend the ticket for you. Typically, courts/prosecutors charge more for amended tickets. If you want to see about keeping the 1-5 MPH Speeding off your record, you should contact a traffic attorney in your area.

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