Got in a Fender Bender and Tweaked Your Neck? Why You Need a Lawyer – Guest Post

Fender Bender and Tweaked Your Neck

Getting into a fender bender often leads to neck pain that could be the result of whiplash and other types of injuries. Even a minor car accident can cause injuries due to the forces that your body is subjected to during the collision, and it is easy to brush off your pain when it seems like the incident wasn’t that bad. While it might not seem like you need a lawyer, the truth is that your case might be more complicated than you think. Hiring a lawyer provides you with support that helps you with fender bender aspects of your case.

Avoid Accepting a Low Settlement

Insurance companies often reach out to people shortly after they file an accident claim. During this initial phone call, the insurance company might offer you a settlement amount. At first glance, it might seem easier to simply accept what they offer, but you could be leaving thousands of dollars off the table. A lawyer can help you determine what is an acceptable settlement for your injuries. They will be your advocate in this case and can do any negotiating required to get you the right amount of compensation you deserve. Make sure you maintain a close relationship with your lawyer to help with this.

Get Legal Assistance With Gathering Evidence

To prove that the other party was liable for the accident, you might need to furnish evidence of what happened. An accident lawyer has the ability to request video footage from the other party along with nearby stores and restaurants. They can also help with contacting witnesses or asking to see traffic camera feeds that can show what happened during the accident.

Benefit From Help With Negotiations

Many car accident cases never go to court, and keeping your case out of the courtroom helps you to have more control over the outcome. However, you might not have experience negotiating with insurance companies. This is where a lawyer can step in and communicate with the other parties that are involved with your case. If all goes well, you might be able to settle out of court and get your case finished faster.

Receive Enough Compensation to Help You Recover

One of the biggest issues that you can run into is running out of money to handle your treatment. With potential neck injuries, you might have needed expensive imaging tests to make a diagnosis. You could also have lingering pain that requires ongoing physical therapy. Working with a lawyer helps you to ensure that you have the compensation you need to complete your recommended treatment plan.

Experiencing a car accident can literally be a pain in the neck, but you don’t have to let it disrupt your life anymore than is necessary. Lawyers help to take the stress out of handling your car accident injury case so that you can focus on healing. Remember the above reasons to work with a lawyer after a car accident.

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