The 5 Worst Mistakes To Make After an Auto Accident – Guest Post

Worst Mistakes To Make After an Auto Accident

Experiencing a car accident can be frightening or even traumatic. If you don’t know what to do, you could make serious mistakes that could jeopardize your health, your safety, and your legal position if the accident is litigated. Here are five mistakes you should never make if you are involved in an auto accident. Follow the tips listed below to save yourself from any future accidental troubles you might run into not on purpose.

Leave the Scene Immediately

No matter how minor the accident may seem, you should never just drive away and ignore the other driver who is involved in the collision. That person may try to pin the blame for the crash on you, even if it is not your fault. Many drivers who are involved in road accidents exchange auto insurance information with the other driver. But you must contact the authorities who can provide helpful guidance about what to do and provide an official legal report of the situation.

Fail to Notify the Police

Never leave the scene of a car accident without calling the local law enforcement agency. An officer will be dispatched to your location to gather the facts and make an official accident report. An objective, factual, detailed report helps to set the record straight, which is important in determining who is at fault and responsible for any damages that occur to the people or the vehicles involved. Failure to call the police, sheriff, or highway patrol could lead to subsequent problems if the other driver makes inaccurate claims about what happened. It will also help your insurance understand what had happened that caused the collision and how they can best help you next.

Neglect to Get a Medical Exam

You might feel like you don’t need to see a doctor, but you should be examined anyway. If your injuries are not serious, wait for the law enforcement officer to complete the report before leaving the scene of the accident. Go to the nearest emergency medical office for an examination near the time the accident had happened. This is especially important if you have noticeable symptoms or signs of injury, such as physical wounds, dizziness, or bumps and bruises. But even if you appear fine, your condition should be checked to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Decide Not to Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

Don’t try to handle the accident fallout on your own. Personal injuries, property damage, and vehicle repairs are just the start of possible damages that you might need to file a claim for. An experienced auto accident attorney can answer your questions and explain the legal process of how to file a claim against the other driver for compensation for lost wages or ongoing therapy. An attorney can also represent you during settlement negotiations or trial proceedings if the case goes to court. It is also important to be honest with your lawyer about everything even if it was your fault so that if the other party decides to sue your attorney will be ready to build a case.

Don’t take an auto accident lightly. Report the accident to local law enforcement. Get checked medically. Contact an auto accident attorney for advice.

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