How You Can Avoid a DUI Arrest This Summer – Guest Post

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Every summer, many states double down on their efforts to crack down on people driving under the influence. Local police officers know that many people would often travel to and from summer parties where they have access to alcohol.

Every summer, you can also expect to see multiple DUI sobriety checkpoints. You will also likely find police officers camped out in busy places ready to apprehend drunk drivers.

While you can always hire a DUI defense attorney when facing a DUI charge, the best way to avoid any DUI arrest would be not to drive when intoxicated. Even if you only had a couple bottles of beer, you should refrain from getting behind the wheel.

However, while you are having a great time, there is also one risk that often goes hand-in-hand with the party season: drunk driving. With so many parties to attend, it would be tempting to drive yourself from one party to another.

The good thing is with proper planning, you can have a great time during summer without putting your life and that of others in danger. Avoid a DUI arrest by keeping the following basics in mind:

Don’t drive drunk

If you have been consuming alcohol, not getting behind the wheel should be a non-negotiable. Ensure that only a sober and well-rested person should do the driving. If no one in your group of friends fits the bill, ensure you have a plan B ready that won’t require anyone in the group to drive.

Have a plan ready

Let’s get one thing clear: a sober person is one that has not consumed any alcohol. You should never choose the least drunk person to drive. This might not be common knowledge, but it’s still considered drunk driving if you drive, even if you only drank a few drinks. Three of the best plans that can help you get home safe include:

  • Having a designated driver
  • Having a relative or friend pick you up
  • Getting a ride service or a cab

Take turns being the designated driver

Being a designated driver will entail that you are responsible and do not drink or do drugs the entire time you are out. That said, it would make sense to take turns being the designated driver in your group, so no one is stuck being the designated driver.

Also, make sure to be kind to the designated driver. Get them a fizzy fruit juice to enjoy, cover their food order, or pitch in for their gas money.

Learn how to call a ride service

Don’t wait until you are stuck without a ride to call a ride service. This is especially true if you are not familiar with the process yet. That said, it would be best to do a practice run to familiarize yourself with the process.

If you are considering taking a ride from strangers, only do so when you are with friends. Always remember, there’s safety in numbers!

Ensure you have an emergency ride contact

If all else fails, ensure you have someone who will answer the phone and be ready to pick you up even during the wee hours of the morning. Whether it’s a sibling, parent, or friend, ensure you have at least one backup designated driver who can pick you up readily.

Final Thought

Summer (and spring) are the high points for countless parties and events. However, you don’t have to be part of the annual DUI statistic during the fun summer months. Rather than putting yourself and others at legal and physical risk, drive sober and have a backup plan if you drink.

Author Bio:

Victoria Brown currently works as the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan. Her experiences with DUI cases in the past have inspired her to spread awareness about DUI laws in the United States.

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