Legal Tips to Mitigate Motorcycle Misfortune – Guest Post

Mitigate Motorcycle Misfortune

If you are like many others and enjoy riding your motorcycle on open highways and around your city, you are unfortunately at a much higher risk of being involved in an accident. When motorcycle accidents do take place, riders are often seriously injured with head, neck, and back injuries, in addition to broken bones and other injuries. Since motorcycle accidents can be complex from a legal standpoint, it is vital you take certain steps as soon as possible after your accident to position yourself for maximum compensation.

Get Medical Treatment

Both at the scene of your motorcycle accident and later at a hospital, always allow yourself to get medical treatment for your injuries. Even if you assume your injuries are minor, many injuries to the head and back may not display themselves until hours later. By getting immediate treatment and having your injuries documented, you set the stage for successful litigation.

Call the Police

By having the police come to the scene of your motorcycle accident, you ensure an accident report is completed. Since the police will conduct an initial investigation at the scene and give their opinion as to who was at fault, you can use this report to your advantage when consulting with a lawyer. Although it may be tempting, try to avoid apologizing as doing so admits fault and can leave you liable. Always speak with a legal professional when discussing your accident in depth.

Meet with an Attorney

Whether you do so while in the hospital or at the attorney’s office, always arrange to meet with a motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your accident in greater detail. Since your attorney handles cases such as yours every day, they can assess the accident, examine the evidence, give you advice on how to proceed, and act as a buffer between yourself and insurance companies. In order to find a reputable lawyer, try reading online reviews to find a professional that is a suitable choice for your particular case.

Be Wary of Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, most insurers assume motorcyclists are to blame when serious accidents occur. Therefore, be very wary of them should they contact you soon after your accident. Although they may sound sympathetic to your situation, they are most likely hoping to trick you into saying something incriminating, which would then allow them to deny your claim. Also, should an insurer contact you and pressure you to accept a quick settlement, refer them to your attorney instead. By letting your attorney handle things, you can likely get an out-of-court settlement that would be for much more money than the insurance company initially offered. Relying on someone else to help you cover your situation is important as you may not be in an ideal mindset following your accident.

If you want to avoid motorcycle misfortune from a legal standpoint and instead receive the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and replace your lost wages, use common sense and good judgment along the way, and also contact a legal professional at once to schedule a consultation.

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