What can I do about how I was treated

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What can I do about how I was treated

I was arrested at my apt and never read my rights, taken to jail booked, spent the night later bonded out the next day. When I was fingered printed the guy doing it used the F word at least 8 times while trying to talk to me, then I asked when I could make my one phone call and was told after I was booked. I got there at 5pm booked in at 8pm at 1am I asked again when I could make my call, only to be told I had already made it, and that they were busy not to bother them. Another female in the holding room used the phone 6 times to call her wife to see about bond, she even told them I had not used the phone yet, so about 30 min later they let me use it, I called my boy friend and got the answering machine, and i was told I could not try again. Is there any kind of action I can take against The Sheriff dept for not reading me my rights and what else happened.

Traffic Richard Simon’s Answer

Nope you got the standard jackson county treatment, and Miranda only works to suppress statements

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