What do u do? Will I receive mail time


What do u do? Will I receive mail time

There was an incident at a car dealership. The manager was very disrespectful calling me and my mother names. Just all around ride man. Cops were called. We got into an argument he put his hands in my face while I was holding my 2 year old. He stated I said is shoot him. But I said I would shoot after he puts his hands in my face and told me to get out of his office or he’ll make is get out. I just received a letter in the mail stating I am being charged with assult in the 3rd degree. I have no priors not even a parking ticket on my record. I’m 21. What do u do? Will I end up with mail time?

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer

You need to hire a good criminal defense attorney to represent you in this matter. You have presented many mitigating factors and this may come down to who believes either of your statements. Also, don’t post any more stuff like this online, it is admissible against you.

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