What is Crime Scene Cleanup? – Guest Post

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In the event of a violent crime, many people are shocked to learn that the police or paramedics have no responsibility to clean up the scene. They will remove the body if necessary and collect evidence, but that’s the extent of their actions. If you’re a homeowner or property owner, you’ll be left handling the cleanup of your space. But you’re not alone. You can hire a professional crime scene cleanup team to sanitize and clean the entire area that was affected by the crime and return your space to its safe and original condition.

But what exactly does this specializing cleanup process look like? And how does it work? To answer these questions and more, we’re taking a closer look at crime scene cleanup and why this has become such an essential service for homeowners and property managers. We also explore other services offered by professional technical cleaning teams.

What is Crime Scene Cleanup?

In a sense, crime scene cleaning is pretty much what the name implies. In the aftermath of a violent crime that happens at a home or commercial property, professional crime scene cleaners will arrive on the scene to remedy the scene. They can assist homeowners, property managers, or office managers restore the affected space to a safe environment. They’ll completely sanitize the affected area and remove contaminated materials, such as carpet, furniture, or other items to be found in the home.

Why Crime Scene Cleaners Are So Important?

There are three primary challenges it comes to when you have to clean up after a violent crime: the health risk, technical proficiency, and the emotional burden. Professional crime scene cleaners enable you to avoid all three. Blood and other bodily fluids can pose a serious health risk if you come into contact with them without the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning tools.

Additionally, most people are unable to ensure that they’ve completely sanitized the affected space. Without advanced tools and equipment, how would you be completely sure that your home is safe? Many contaminants remain naked to the human eye.

And finally, there is a major emotional toll that comes with having to clean up after a violent crime. Having the crime on your property is serious enough. You should be allowed to remove yourself from the incident so you can protect you and your family and begin the gradual healing process.

How Exactly Does Crime Scene Cleaning Work?

In the aftermath of a violent crime, you shouldn’t wait to make the call and begin the crime scene cleaning process. It all starts with that phone call. Contact the technical cleaning service and inform them of your needs. In most cases, they’ll be able to immediately schedule and have trained professionals on the way. They operate out of unmarked vehicles to ensure you have the privacy and discretion that you deserve. Not only will these professional cleaners approach your job with tact and technical expertise, but they will also treat you with care and compassion. They understand the difficulty of these events and are trained on how to balance compassion with an effective cleaning process.

Each crime scene cleanup, of course, is unique to a degree. But at its core, this job requires close attention to detail in removing all hazardous materials and any contaminated items. They use advanced tools and personal protective equipment to ensure that the cleaning process is safe and efficient. They even have the capability to check the space following the cleaning to make sure every contaminant is removed.

Payment won’t be an issue until the job is completed. And even then, most homeowner’s insurance plans do cover technical cleaning services. What’s most important in these moments is that your home or office is returned to a safe condition and that you are treated with compassion so you can begin to heal.

What Are Other Technical Cleaning Services?

Crime scene cleanup is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what technical cleaning companies can offer. These professionals also specialize in a wide variety of cleaning services that standard cleaning firms simply aren’t equipped to handle.

Here are some of the other important technical cleaning services:

  • Unattended death cleanup: when someone dies and no one else is around, the body will start to decompose. With the release of blood and other bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens will become a health risk.
  • Suicide cleanup: in the event of this tragic event, no one should be forced to clean up the area. This is why technical cleaners are available to take care of this process so you can begin to heal and recover.
  • Biohazard remediation: biohazardous materials, whether they’re bodily fluids, toxic fluids, or animal waste, can pose a health risk. That’s why technical cleaners are needed for these jobs.
  • Hoarding cleanup: excessive hoarding of materials can, over time, pose a health and safety risk. Cleaning up in a hoarding incident is a challenging and technical task that shouldn’t be approached by anyone.
  • Emergency board up: when damage occurs to your home or any other building, whether from violence or a natural disaster, it’s important to effectively board up that space to prevent further damage.

Conclusion – What is Crime Scene Cleanup?

We all hope to never have a violent crime occur at our homes or offices. But the sad reality is that these events do occur every single day. If a violent crime happens in your space, you shouldn’t be left with handling the technical and emotional challenges of performing the cleanup. Since the police and medical personnel won’t handle it, you’ll need support.

Call a professional technical cleaning team to sanitize, disinfect, and restore your area to a safe condition. These professionals can also assist with unattended death cleanup, suicide cleanup, biohazard remediation, blood spill cleanup, hoarding cleanup, and more. Once your home or office is cleaned, you’ll be happy you made this important call.

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