What Kind of Car Accidents Entitle You to Compensation? – Guest Post

Car Accidents Entitle You to Compensation

Unfortunately, car accidents are a more common occurence than you might think. Chances are you will be involved in a car accident of some variety someday. One thing you may be left wondering after one is whether or not you can sue, and that can be a complex question to answer. Overall, there are certain kinds of car accidents that are more likely to lead to gaining compensation in a courtroom or in an out-of-court settlement.

Accidents That Result in Injury

The car accidents that are most likely to produce compensation via a lawsuit are those that result in significant and lasting injuries. The more significant the injury, the most likely you can win. If you have developed a permanent disability as the result of a car accident, this can certainly be grounds for a lawsuit. Make sure you can also prove that the accident did, in fact, cause your injury. Lawsuits regarding preexisting conditions will likely fail.

Accidents That Result in Financial Hardship

Car accidents that result in financial hardship for you or anyone caught in the accident are another example that could result in a successful lawsuit. This should be beyond what your car insurance would actually pay for. If you have experienced financial hardship beyond what is covered in your car insurance, certainly discuss your possible case prospects with a car accident lawyer, one like Cormany Law. For example, losing your ability to perform your job could be catastrophic for your financial future.

Accidents That Are Another Party’s Fault

It isn’t enough to simply have financial damages and even physical injuries to win a lawsuit. Instead, you must prove that another party acted with negligence. What this means is that another party acted without the standard amount of care they should have had for the safety and well-being of others. If another driver was speeding and driving recklessly, for example, this can certainly be evidence that their negligence lead to the accident.

Accidents that Alter Your Quality of Life or Result in Pain and Suffering

There are certain things that car insurance won’t pay for. One of these would be the alteration of the quality of life that results from your accident. If you can’t enjoy the same things in the same way you did before your accident due to your injuries, this is something that should be calculated in damages in a courtroom. The same can be said for pain and suffering.

Car accidents happen far more often than they should. Sadly, many times, these accidents result in lasting health issues and destroy a person’s finances, career, and quality of life. If that was the case for you, you may have a very good chance of gaining compensation through a lawsuit either in court or through an out-of-court settlement. This is especially the case if another party’s negligence was at fault for your car accident and you have the evidence to prove that fact to a judge and jury. Discuss your options with a lawyer.

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