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Facing A Car Accident


More than 1.3 million people die in car crashes annually around the world, according to WHO. More than 6 million car accidents happen annually in the USA. In low and middle-income countries, 93% of the fatalities occur due to on-road car accidents.

With car accidents comes property damage and damage of the cars widely. But the most heartbreaking facts are the loss of lives during car accidents. One out of three car accidents causes deaths, and two out of ten car crashes lead to serious health injuries.

If you have ever been involved in any car accident or witnessed one in front of your eyes, some actions need your immediate attention. In this article, I have listed down the must-do things after facing a car accident. 

What To Do After Facing An Accidents

Facing an accident on sight or being in one can be very puzzling and scary for a moment, but panicking doesn’t do any good in situations like this. So instead, here are a few things that you must do when facing an accident. 

Calm Yourself Down

A sudden car accident leads a person through emotions like shock, fear, anger, guilt, and sadness. At a time like this, you must try to calm yourself down. The calmer you are, the better and easier it would be for you to handle the situation.

If you were a witness, you should stop by and think of ways to help those involved in the situation. 

Gather People To Help Out

If the accident occurs in a crowded place, the witness should first call people around to help the injured passengers. Many people tend not to get involved in such sights, but a witness should encourage people around him to come together and help. 

Protect The Accident Sight

One accident may lead to another. In the darkness of the night, other cars may get confused and crash into the accident scene leading to another fatality. Your first action should be setting up flares or at least keeping your flashlight on so that you can protect the accident sight. 

Call The Ambulance

A fatal car accident causes health injuries or deaths. If you witness any of the passengers or the driver or yourself having any injury, you must call an ambulance reporting the time and place of the accident.

Calling an ambulance will help with immediate care for the injured. In case of death, the ambulance will also take care of the bodies. 

Call the Police 

It is crucial to file a police report after an accident. A police report will help you claim insurance for your car damages. Also, calling the police helps start the investigation about what caused the accident.

The vehicle involved in the accident must remain at the place of the accident before the police arrive. 

Help The Police With Investigation

After the police arrive at the accident site, someone should be present at the accident site to inform the police about the accident in the correct order. It would help if you tried to tell the police exactly what happened.

The accuracy of the information provided by a witness helps to file a correct and transparent police report. You should also ensure the accuracy of other witnesses of the accident. 

Notify The Insurance Company

If your car was involved in the accident and has undergone any damage, you must inform the insurance company ASAP. Insurance companies require immediate notice from the customer and their cooperation.

Most vehicle insurance companies offer medical insurance due to accidents. So you can also pay your medical bills using the health coverage named “Medpay” that the vehicle insurance offers. Once the “Medpay” has been exhausted, your private insurance will bear your medical expenses. 

Hire A Lawyer

Car accidents can lead to complicated cases sometimes. If you see the event leading to such a direction, you should hire a lawyer. There are different types of lawyers. In case of violation of your rights, you should consult with a civil rights lawyer.

It is wise to take legal advice if any complicated case occurs from the accident. The largest law firm is available to you to provide legal help, so don’t worry and hesitate.

Last Words

A car accident damages you physically, financially, and mentally. Although financial damages can be fulfilled over time, the physical and mental damages are the deepest that affect us the most. Especially if there is any personal loss, the emotional scar takes years to heal. So the wisest thing would be to give yourself time.

I hope this article will provide you with the knowledge to take the right actions if you have ever faced any car accident.

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