Road Rage: Steps To Take After A Serious Accident – Guest Post

Road Rage

Unfortunately, road rage is all too common in today’s world. When you are driving along minding your own business, you may suddenly be confronted by a motorist who thinks you cut them off or did something else they did not like. Before you know it, they may strike your vehicle with theirs, or even pull out a gun and send bullets flying your way. Whatever happens, you must take the following steps after being involved in a serious accident due to road rage.

Call the Police

While a road rage incident is taking place or immediately afterward, always contact the police and have them come to the scene of your accident. By doing so, you can have a police report filed, give cops a description of the vehicle that caused your accident, let police interview witnesses to the accident, and much more. Should you file a lawsuit, the information contained in the police report may be crucial to helping you win your case.

Get Medical Treatment

After an angry driver causes you to have a serious accident, get medical treatment at once. Calling the police to your accident scene will also have paramedics responding. Even if you are unsure about your injuries, let yourself be examined for the possible head, neck, and back injuries, as well as for broken bones or fractures. By doing so and going to a hospital for further evaluation, any injuries you sustained can be entered into your medical records, which will make it more difficult for insurers to deny your claim.

Speak to an Attorney

Instead of assuming you have no recourse after being victimized by road rage, contact an attorney, like those at Willis Spangler Starling, for a free consultation. After a serious accident, you will need financial compensation to help pay for medical bills and time lost at work, as well as compensation for the emotional and physical suffering you endured. Additionally, your vehicle will need repairs. In fact, you may even need a new car altogether. Seeking the advice of an experienced attorney right away could help secure the best outcome.

Stay Off Social Media

Although you will be angry about the actions of the other driver, refrain from getting on Facebook or other social media sites and blowing off steam about your accident. If you say the wrong things in a post, the other driver’s attorneys and the insurance company can use your words against you. Since your social media activity will likely be monitored by the other driver and their legal team, heed your attorney’s advice and stay off social media.

Since the other driver must be held accountable for their actions, take these steps following your road rage accident to get maximum compensation for your injuries. Make sure when the incident occurs that police arrive to the scene as soon as possible. Afterward, care for your injuries. Contact an attorney quickly to secure the best evidence and case. And lastly, stay off socials! By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to recovery.

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