Professionals to Consult After a Car Accident – Guest Post

Professionals to Consult After a Car Accident

A car accident can be extremely terrifying to live through. Still, you must try to keep a clear head after being in one. What you do next can help determine your future. For one, there are specific professionals you should consult after a car accident, whether it’s to get help or to set about reacting to what happened.

Emergency Medical Technicians

All in all, your number one concern after a car accident should be the safety and health of you and your loved ones. If there’s any question about anyone’s health, you should call 9-1-1 to dispatch EMTs to the scene. Certain internal injuries may take time to fully manifest. Even if they are not visible after an accident, they could still be life-threatening.


Furthermore, you should make sure you see a doctor for any injury you have sustained from the accident. This is important for both your own health and for the legal aspect of a car accident. Make sure you get documentation from your doctors regarding the extent and cause of your injuries. Make sure these records are preserved as well as any other evidence regarding your health status.


If you were injured in the crash, you should certainly contact a lawyer. Choose a lawyer, like someone from David Helfand PA, with good experience dealing with and winning car accident-related cases. While not every car crash will likely result in a lawsuit, or in court at all, certain accidents should. This is especially the case if the person who was at fault for the accident is completely free of injuries or was significantly less impacted by the crash than whoever they hit. Keep in mind that your insurance may not pay for everything after the accident, such as your medical bills or any adjustments you may have to make to your life thanks to the decline in quality of your life. They most certainly can’t help you find the closure you might need after the accident, especially if your quality of life will have significantly changed thanks to you sustaining some sort of permanent disability from the accident.

Police Officers

The police must also be alerted of an accident immediately, even if it’s just a fender bender or a minor bump. It’s the standard legal procedure to do so in order for everything that happened to get documented, and it’s demanded by insurance companies in order to determine who was at fault. Even more important is the fact that the responding officer will make a police report regarding the accident. That way, your side of the story will be backed up by the police if the other party chooses to lie about the accident later in court.

Insurance Agents

Similarly, your insurance provider must be made aware of the accident as quickly as possible. Failing to do so might result in your claim being dismissed. Don’t wait too long to do so.

A car wreck can be traumatizing to live through. However, you must still have a clear enough head afterward to take the right substantive actions to protect the health and financial well-being of you and your loved ones. This includes contacting people like EMTs, the police, and even a licensed attorney.

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