What to Do After Slip And Fall Settlements In New Jersey? – Guest Post

Slip And Fall Settlements In New Jersey

There are many different situations in which a slip-and-fall accident may happen. Let’s understand Slip and Fall Settlement in New Jersey.

The average slip and fall settlement in NJ occurs when both parties agree on a settlement instead of taking the case to court. It doesn’t mean the settlement or you get compensation quickly, but it can save you money by avoiding court. Slip-and-fall settlement cases save both parties money for avoiding court. While settlement cases are beneficial for everyone.

Evaluating the offer and ensuring that the settlement covers the damage is essential. Thus it is one of the main reasons to hire an experienced attorney to receive your compensation. Your attorney can assist you in estimating the value of your case and helping you evaluate your settlement. Based on your injury expenses, you may negotiate a bigger settlement. Your attorney can collect all the required documents for the negotiation.

Common Reasons to Slip and Fall

Most accidents are caused by the default of someone. Thus, another person is liable for the slip and fall injury. Common reasons for slip and fall cases are

  • Dark stairwells
  • Defects on a construction site
  • Wet surfaces
  • Spilt materials
  • Icy streets
  • Uneven or crumbling sidewalks

7 Steps to Take After Slip and Fall Injury

  1. After falling, if you are unable to move, do not attempt to move.
  2.  Wait for the arrival of the emergency services.
  3. Keep a copy of your report to the property manager or owner.
  4. If possible, take pictures of the reasons you fell.
  5. Collect the names and phone numbers of witnesses who may have seen the event.
  6. You must also seek medical care right away if you want to have the best chance of making a full recovery quickly.
  7.  Keep track of your losses, including medical expenses, hospitalization, missed workdays, etc.

Limitations to File a Claim in New Jersey

Every personal injury case begins on the date of the injury. The victim must file a lawsuit before the deadline determined by the date of the injury. A lawsuit must be filed in New Jersey for slip-and-fall cases within two years of the injury’s date. You will only be able to take legal action to recover money from the responsible party if you submit a claim within the allotted time frame. There are exceptions to the general rule that reduce or increase the time needed to give notice of a claim or file a lawsuit.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Some personal injury cases don’t need the assistance of a lawyer, and you can file a case of your own. But most of the slip and fall cases are inappropriate for self-representation for two reasons:

  1. The property owner’s fault won’t take legal responsibility unless the liability is clear for obvious reasons.
  2. In slip and fall cases, it is easy for defendants to argue against the plaintiff that injuries are not bad as they claim.

The main task of the slip and fall attorneys in New Jersey is to get the defendant’s and insurance company’s attention, as they might not take an insurance claim seriously. To get your slip-and-fall case for a fair trial and settlement, your attorney will help you to prove that the owner was negligent and that this negligence caused you damage. Proving such negligence in the trial is very difficult to win your case; it is necessary to hire a skilled and experienced slip and fall attorney in New Jersey. The attorney can assist with answering your questions and determining who is liable, even if you are unsure of who caused your injury.

Settlement for a Slip and Fall Cases

Your lawyer may send a demand letter to the concerned party. If you and the other party’s insurance company mutually agree to settle the issue without going to court, a demand letter and settlement could cut the time of the case overall. You may do an Independent Medical Examination (IME) through the Defendant’s insurance carrier before resolving your slip and fall case, even if you decide to do so.

You still have the choice to file a lawsuit in court if you eventually decide against resolving your slip and fall case, regardless of the results of an Independent Medical Exam or the potential settlement.

What is The Average of Slip and Fall Settlement?

The average slip and fall settlement in NJ is between $ 15,000 and $45,000. It depends on several factors whether your case falls within the average range. Your case can be below average if your injuries are minor. If you have severe injuries and your case is legally strong, your average slip and fall settlement in NJ may be higher than the average range.

You receive payment for a fall equal to your financial losses, pain, and suffering compensation. All your expenses that result from the fall are considered your financial losses. While damages affect how much compensation you receive for a fall. The level of your suffering is correlated with your severe injury, and this helps to strengthen your case.


If you had a slip and fall accident, if it does not default from your side, then you claim for the accident. A negligent property owner might have caused your accident, whether an unchecked spill on the floor, a broken railing or stairs, a dangerous construction site, or any other reasons a property owner knew about but did not solve.

You can file a claim through a slip-and-fall attorney in New Jersey. Some parties want to settle the case outside the court, known as a Slip and Fall settlement. An attorney helps you get maximum compensation for damage from the party or tries to win your case with all the documents. Some steps are mentioned above to take care of when you slip and fall. The limitation in slip and fall settlement in NJ cases to file a claim is within two years of the injury. Your compensation for damage depends on the seriousness of your Injury.

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