When Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney? – Guest Post

Car Accident Attorney

While is not mandatory to hire a lawyer in the aftermath of a car accident, even if you are seeking monetary compensation, it is a good idea in given situations. After all, many car crash victims find that it is much easier to hire a car accident attorney to handle matters for them while they are focusing on recovering.

Remember, there are hundreds of thousands of injuries caused in car wrecks that immediately require hospitalization. On top of that, there are other serious injuries, such as whiplash, that only show symptoms days to weeks after the impact. That said, you can hire an attorney at any time, so even if it’s been a few days since your accident it’s not too late to seek representation.

Filing a Claim with the Insurance Company

After enduring an automobile accident, the first step in becoming financially whole again is filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. After all, your payout will depend upon the severity of your injuries. You will need that money to help pay the cost of your medical bills, which depending on your injuries can be financially inconvenient or financially devestating, and cover the cost of repairs, or replacement, to your car.

If you hire an attorney, he or she will gather your medical records and bills, along with the police report, for you. Lawyers will also negotiate much fairer settlements than you could get on your own. They won’t allow the insurer to benefit from a layperson’s lack of knowledge, and they know the intricacies of the law.

Pursuing a Lawsuit

If the insurance company offers a settlement that does not completely cover your losses, ignoring extraneous costs such as lost wages, you can enlist the aid of a car accident attorney law firm, someone like The Radmore Law Firm, to file a personal injury lawsuit. As long as you stay within your state’s statute of limitation, a lawyer can attempt to recover the appropriate amount of damages in civil court.

Determining Fault

A good lawyer can launch an investigation to determine whether the other motorist was under the influence of illegal drugs or over the legal blood alcohol limit at the time of the collision. Your attorney may also try to determine if the driver was distracted by texting or adjusting the vehicle controls and thus not paying attention to the road. These actions are considered negligence, and constitute a breach of the duty of care that is owed to other drivers on the road.

In conclusion, while you cannot guarantee a favorable outcome by hiring a lawyer, he or she can help considerably by gathering evidence, investigating the accident, and negotiating your case. Hiring an attorney goes a long way towards taking care of all the miscellaneous legal odds and ends while you can focus completely on getting your life back on track. Not to mention that it’s always beter to look towards an expert rather than navigate a legal situation on your own, even if you yourself are some form of legal representative.

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