Who to Turn to for Help Investigating Your Car Accident – Guest Post

Investigating Your Car Accident

In the United States, there are an estimated six million vehicle accidents each year. Fortunately, most of these accidents only cause damage to the car. If you find yourself involved in an accident, here are three important parties that can help in investigating what exactly happened, which can be helpful when dealing with insurance or any possible legal proceedings.

The police will be some of the first responders on the scene and they will be the ones responsible for creating an accident report detailing what exactly happened while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. The second party would be the Insurance company investigators or adjusters who investigate who was liable for the accident and the losses. Independent accident investigators work under a lawyer’s supervision to determine culpability to get restitution. On that note, it might be helpful to turn to a lawyer either for legal advice or to handle any legal action that could be connected to the accident.


Once involved in an accident, you immediately need to notify the police, even when injuries or damages are not as significant. This is because the police need to document what happened, creating a police report that can be easily accessed by everyone. After all, you may need a police report to submit a claim with your insurance provider. If the cars involved in the collision don’t impede traffic, it is recommended that you do not move them until authorities arrive. If they do, pull off to the side of the road the moment it is safe to do so.

In the case of injuries, you need to disclose them to the law enforcement officer to document them in the officer’s investigation report. Likely emergency services will also be called in.


While you’re on the scene, you may want to call your insurance company. That way, they will be able to inform you precisely what they need to do to submit your claim and what to anticipate throughout the claim process. If your car is damaged, your insurance company may arrange to have it towed to a body shop authorized to repair it.


After a vehicle accident, it’s critical to safeguard your legal rights as soon as possible. Dealing with an accident without legal aid can become a challenge, especially if you incur significant injuries.

If you have to see a doctor or undergo medical treatment like physical therapy, MRIs, or a slew of other appointments, you should at the very least contact an attorney to discuss your options in getting compensation to pay the medical bills.

An accident and injury attorney, who would come from a firm like Graves Edward M III Law Office, will assist in inquiring into the circumstances surrounding your accident to gather proof. The attorney will also aid in negotiating with the other driver’s insurance provider on your behalf. If discussions fail, the attorney can file and pursue litigation on your behalf.

Car accidents may result in life-altering bodily and psychological harm, not to mention significant financial losses due to the damage they create. Car accidents pose the danger of interfering with your ability to earn, either long or short term. Legal aid is essential to help you navigate the process, thus allowing you to recover from the bad ordeal.

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