What can I do? What should I do?

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What can I do? What should I do?

My name is Josh I’m 22 years old I live in Missouri I’m dating this girl who at the time told me she was 18 well her step dad not even step dad who is dating her mom told me no she’s 16. Here’s my issue I’m madly in love and I believe age is a number we have not had any sexual contact of any kind but her “step dad” now knows and is threatnes to kill me and to beat me up and I know she turns 17 in less than two months I’m making sure once she turns 17 there’s nothing legally he can do and I can press charges for fear of my life

Traffic Lawyer Richard Simon’s Answer

Good that you have made no sexual contact, but be weary of crazy parents. You are 22 years old, avoid this situation and find a new girl. This could get messy and court orders do not stop fists or bullets.

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