What to Expect After Being Arrested for Drunk Driving – Guest Post

Arrested for Drunk Driving

Receiving a charge for drunk driving can be a humiliating experience. The negative reputation you may receive from it may be punishment enough, but the consequences you are likely to receive after going to court can be a whole lot worse. Dealing with these threats to your freedom and well-being requires a better understanding of the entire process. Below are some of the things you are likely to experience after being pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Being Detained By the Police

After an officer has determined you are intoxicated after a traffic stop, handcuffs will be slapped on you and you will be taken to a nearby jail. After you arrive at the jail, the police will take your license from you. Instead, you will be handed a driving permit that is printed on cheap paper. If your license is suspended outright, this permit will instantly expire. You will remain locked up until either someone you know bails you or the relevant judge determines you should be allowed to leave. If your booking takes place on Friday, it’s quite possible you will spend your weekend locked up in jail.

Driver’s License Suspension

After being arrested for driving intoxicated, It’s quite likely that you will be handed a driver’s license suspension. This could take place well before your trial. After you have actually been convicted, your license could remain suspended for a full year. Adjusting to life without your car can be quite hard. If you thankfully live in a less strict state, you may be allowed to drive but only with something called an ignition interlock device. This device will perform a breathalyzer test each time you wish to start your car’s engine.

Locked Up

If you are convicted of a drunk driving charge, one likely consequence could be an extended stay in jail. However, the amount of jail time you receive for drunk driving can depend on a few different factors. This can include the state you were tried in, the number of previous drunk driving offenses on your record, how much alcohol was in your blood during your breathalyzer test, and more. In order to have the best shot of beating or lessening possible jail time, you’re going to need a good law firm, someone like Brabazon Law Office, LLC, that handles drunk driving defense in order to navigate a more favorable outcome. The legal approach brought to your case can help you spend far less time in jail or maybe avoid jail time entirely. Your attorney should be able to negotiate with the court for a better deal than you would achieve without a good lawyer.

The consequences of being convicted on a drunk driving charge can be quite harsh. It can include being locked up for a long time, having your license suspended, paying large fines, completing community service, and a lot more. One of your best defenses is to hire a drunk driving attorney with plenty of experience that can achieve the best outcome for you.

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