What to Expect If You Go Driving Without Insurance – Guest Post

Driving Without Insurance

Auto insurance is intended to offer you and other drivers additional protection on the road. If you’re concerned about the cost of monthly insurance premiums, you might be tempted to go without insurance to try to save money. Unfortunately, driving without insurance can result in serious consequences, and you should be aware of what might happen to you if you decide to not have insurance and go driving anyway.


If you are pulled over by a cop while driving and can’t produce proof of insurance to the officer, you may get a ticket that will cost you money out of your own pocket. Auto insurance requirements and penalties for not having insurance vary by state, but you should expect to have to pay at least a small citation amount for a first-time offense. You’ll likely need to pay more for any repeat offenses if you still choose to drive without insurance.

Personal Liability for Accidents

Liability auto insurance is designed to protect drivers who cause accidents that cause major financial losses, and you might be on the hook to pay for damages yourself if you don’t have this insurance. You’ll likely have to pay the total cost to have your vehicle repaired, and you may also be responsible for paying the other driver’s repair expenses. You may even get sued for medical bills, lost work wages, and other losses that the other driver incurred; all of which you’ll have to pay on your own if you don’t have liability insurance. An insurance company, one like bear river insurance, that offers auto liability insurance policies can enroll you in a plan that will help you stay financially protected if you ever cause an accident.

License and Registration Suspension

You may lose your license if you drive without insurance, especially if you are a repeat offender who has already received citations. The registration that you need to renew your car tabs every year could also be suspended if you don’t have insurance. Additionally, you may need to pay reinstatement fees to restore your license and registration once you can show proof of insurance.

Loss of Vehicle

Your vehicle could get impounded if an officer decides to revoke your driving privileges entirely for not having auto insurance. You likely won’t be able to retrieve your vehicle until you can show proof of insurance. If your vehicle sits in an impound lot, you’ll need to pay to get your vehicle back once you get insurance and shell out additional money for the time the vehicle was kept.

These are just some of the penalties that you could face if you choose to forego auto insurance coverage. If you want to avoid these consequences, it will be in your best interest to enroll in an auto insurance plan that gives you the amount of coverage that’s required by law.

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