Fender Bender Accident? What to Do Next – Guest Post

Fender Bender Accident

Fender bender is a part of life when you drive on business streets on daily basis. These incidents are often nothing more than a little scary and have no significant impact on the vehicles or people involved. However, drivers should be prudent in dealing with these incidents. Any kind of collision on the road can have major repercussions later. We highly recommend reading on below for tips on what to do next following the accident.

Make the Call or Not

People handle fender benders in very different ways, which is not always a good thing. Some people prefer to ignore it and drive off if there are no signs of major damage. Others insight on calling an officer regardless of the damage. The right choice really depends on the situation, but you should always exchange insurance and identification information at the very least. If there is any doubt about the severity of the collision or the authenticity of the other party, then you should report it by calling an officer to the scene immediately. Even if there is no serious damage done to your vehicle, we still recommend to take pictures of any small damage done.

Ascertain Injuries and Damage

Damage to persons or vehicles may not exhibit symptoms right away, so it is important to actively monitor both for at least a few days after the fender bender. Any signs of neck or head pain, especially persistent or severe varieties, should be diagnosed immediately. Likewise, drivers should note any kind of change in their car’s operation to make sure there was no internal damage. Any indication of a problem should be formally diagnosed with proof and paperwork immediately.

Get Legal Assistance

Drivers should contact an auto accident attorney if they may have reason to file a claim or if there is a possibility they will become the subject of one. An attorney can help frame your case and help you understand the options available, so you can proceed appropriately. They can also help you develop a case to pursue compensation if it becomes necessary. It is important to be honest with your attorney so that they can help build a case defending you if necessary. This will ensure no problems arise in the future.

Drive Defensively

Even if there is no question about who is at fault in the fender bender, there is almost always more you can do to protect yourself from accidents in the future. All drivers should consider taking defensive driving refresher courses once in a while. Some insurance providers further incentivize this with lower premiums for program participants. In any case, you should always be alert, have correct visual aids, and avoid distracting yourself while driving.

The emotional shock of a fender bender can often be more impactful than the physical damage, but this is not always the case. That is why you should protect yourself by following these basic best practices even for seemingly minor collisions. This will save you from trouble in the future.

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