How to Mentally Recover From a Traumatic Car Accident – Guest Post

Traumatic Car Accident

Fatal car accidents occur an average of 90 times a day, and 3 million people report car accident injuries yearly. While you can reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident by staying alert, you can’t control other drivers. If you do get into an accident, it can take a toll on you emotionally. Learn how to mentally recover from a traumatic car accident.

Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

Despite your trauma, you need to address the legal aspects of the accident. In the case of extensive damage, there’s a lot at stake, so you’ll want help. Hire an experienced auto accident attorney. The attorney will file paperwork and negotiate on your behalf, using their knowledge of the law to give you as much leverage as possible. A lawyer will help you get the best settlement from the insurance company or the best outcome if you are facing a criminal case.

Increase Safety

You can take steps to make your car safer and to drive more safely. Start by picking a safe vehicle with the latest safety features. You can also install OnStar or other emergency support services. You can also drive more safely. Drive slowly, and purposefully, and always remain aware—even if it means waiting to respond to a phone call until you get home.

Continue Driving

Many people experience anxiety about driving after an accident. However, you can’t let the anxiety prevent you from driving. If you stop driving, you may adjust to other modes of transportation and lose your skills and comfort behind the wheel. Continue to drive. In the case of severe anxiety, consider a driving school.

Try Therapy

Accidents can lead to severe anxiety or PTSD. These disorders can affect your daily life both related and unrelated to driving. You may get into your head while driving, making you a worse driver than before. The anxiety can show itself in professional and personal relationships in the form of insecurity. It can also be embarrassing to explain the situation to others. A therapist will give you a safe place to express your concerns. The therapist can also teach you how to cope when you experience anxiety or a panic attack, such as breathing exercises.

If you get into a traumatic accident, don’t think you need to go through the experience alone. Get professional support in the form of a lawyer and, if applicable, a therapist. With a good support network, you will get through this.

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