What to Do If Your Motorcycle Accidentally Hits a Parked Vehicle – Guest Post

Motorcycle Accidentally Hits a Parked Vehicle

Have you ever been riding your motorcycle and accidentally struck a parked car? It’s an unfortunate situation, but it happens. Knowing what to do in this type of situation can help reduce some of the stress. This blog post will discuss the steps to take if your motorcycle hits a parked vehicle.

Remain at the Scene

The first step is to remain at the scene. Even if you think that no one saw or heard the accident, it is important to stay put and make sure that you are not leaving any pieces of evidence behind. Additionally, if someone did see or hear it, staying at the scene could prevent you from being charged with hit-and-run since you would be there to provide information about what happened.

Document Everything

It is important for you to document everything related to the accident. Get out your phone and take pictures of each vehicle, including close-ups of all damages incurred and shots from each angle so that nothing gets missed. Additionally, take down notes about where both vehicles were located when the accident occurred and any other details that might be relevant such as time of day or weather conditions. Try to get contact information from any witnesses who may have observed what happened as well so that they can provide testimony if needed later on down the line.

Contact the Police & Insurance Company

Once all necessary documentation has been gathered, contact both your insurance company as well as local law enforcement officials and inform them about what happened. This will allow them to begin an investigation in order to determine who was at fault for the accident and who should be held liable for any damages incurred by either party involved in the incident. It is important to note that even if you don’t think there was much damage done or that it wasn’t serious enough for police involvement, it is still a good idea to contact law enforcement just in case any issues arise down the line involving liability or insurance coverage disputes.

Legal Help

In some cases, even after taking all necessary steps following an accident with a parked vehicle, disputes over liability may still arise due to questions surrounding fault or insurance coverage amounts. In these instances, consulting with a legal professional experienced with motorcycle hits laws, like those at Jeeves Law Group, P.A., can help ensure that your rights are protected throughout any court proceedings regarding the incident. Furthermore, having legal counsel on hand could be beneficial when negotiating compensation with an insurance company or filing a lawsuit against another driver involved in an accident – both scenarios which could potentially result from striking a parked vehicle while riding a motorbike!

Accidents happen – even when they involve stationary objects like parked cars! Knowing how to handle these types of scenarios properly can help minimize potential damage done by reducing stress levels associated with trying figure out what needs done afterwards. In order for victims of such accidents (or those responsible) to protect their rights during any investigations into fault and liability for damages incurred, seeking legal assistance may also be necessary depending on circumstances surrounding each unique case. All in all however, remaining at the scene after Motorcycle Hits a parked car while riding your motorbike followed by documenting everything related to the incident before then contacting both law enforcement officials and your insurance company are generally recommended first steps when dealing with this type of situation!  So remember—stay calm and collected while taking these measures.

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